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Asset Intelligence and Management

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How Asset Labels for Schools Help Streamline Education


Keeping track of school assets has never been this important till now. With the schools facing budget cuts in school funding from some time while the prices of equipment, specifically high-tech learning gear keep escalating. Out there are efficient asset tracking solutions that help you define asset labels for schools – which are pretty helpful for better inventory control and organized school operations. As a result, asset tracking and inventory management become a lesser back-breaking task for schools.

Lost and misplaced assets can easily make record keeping a nightmare, particularly in schools. Their pre-occupied staff and faculty spend productive time in tracking down laboratory equipment, visual devices, interactive whiteboards and other school supplies that are part of their primary educational activities.

If the staff fails to locate the equipment needed, the schools end up spending money from the same shrunken budgets on purchasing or renting replacements. No organization wants to keep spending on something that was already there but couldn’t be found due to inefficient equipment tracking and management of school supplies.

Asset labels for schools: Battle the asset management dilemma

Cloud-based solutions for schools can surely enhance any aspect of academic institutions but the real difficulty is to know where to begin. You can use asset labels for schools to monitor and track equipment installed in cafeterias, science labs, classrooms and administrative offices to save you money and time. Educational institutions know that technology can improve daily operational efficiencies and create a safer learning experience for faculty and students alike. Expensive school assets like mobile tablets, computers, visualizers, specialist projectors and interactive whiteboards make the use of asset labels for schools even more critical.

With asset labels for schools, you can keep full logs of your school’s equipment, computers, supplies, textbooks and more. You can easily monitor borrower’s history, usage and get reports on the school property across different campuses. The school staff can even scan items using a mobile device. This way you know where the school inventory is at all times. You can even send emails to students or employees to notify them about their past checked out items due for return.

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Nothing can beat the satisfaction you have when you know everything is properly organized, well-tracked and fully functional. Now let’s take a look at how asset labels for schools in asset tracking software help institutes run smoothly.

1. Efficient Data Management

Asset management systems that support custom asset labels eliminates the use of all the manual data entry and hours spent on inventory control. You can easily collect data like item location, warranty information, and purchase details by merely scanning barcode an asset label. With a centralized database that all the users can access or even modify enables your staff to complete their task without worrying about incomplete information or redundancy. In addition to this, inventory labels notify the management about inventory shortages and let them make replenish inventory at the right time.

traceable asset labels for schools

Enforce accountability for students and staff by tracking where school assets are by using asset labels.

School administrators go through a constant battle of knowing the whereabouts of assets that students sometimes issue to use outside the classroom. Students may claim that they have returned them but they actually haven’t. Check out and return procedures may take up a lot of time and school assets may fall through loopholes. Asset and inventory labels coupled with barcode technology can solve the problem. It accelerates the procedure of loaning out school assets to staff members and students. A school becomes more aware of the whereabouts of its assets as the information becomes more credible.

Let’s take an example of school loaned laptops. There are schools that loan out laptops and tablets to their students that need careful monitoring. Let’s face it. Students don’t take school property that seriously. These devices with asset labels speed up the recovering process. Tracking assets surely consume valuable time of the staff and teachers which should have been spent in their primary educational tasks. Trackable asset labels for schools make up for that time by letting the staff know the exact whereabouts of their assets.

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2. Turbocharged security against theft instances

Learning has never been more driven by technology like it is today. As schools invest in expensive devices, it also increases the risk of theft. No wonder why federal agencies spend about trillions every year on engineering, technology, science, and mathematics. Durable asset labels can prevent theft of valuable school assets like audiovisual equipment, laptops, and tablets. Durability comes from materials used like polyesters and aluminum foil. If the material comes off like masking tape, then it is of no use to label school assets. What makes asset labels for schools so robust is that there is a special security material as well known as ‘ultra-destructible’. It means if you attempt to remove the label, it will break into pieces. This is a good way of trying to deter students and staff members from removing any label at all. These protect your assets from unauthorized transfer and tampering.

Even if the school inventory is taken off-site or moved between campuses, labeling the assets with the details and recording the asset number will greatly decrease any chances of loss. This automatically increases the recovery chances. Adding details to your school assets lets administrators loan out laptops, computers and other valuable equipment to students, classes and departments seamlessly. That is because you know even if the item goes missing, there are good chances that it will be returned.

There is a huge variety of school property that students take home including sports equipment, musical instruments, mini laptops, tablets and books for school assignments. These are enormous makeup investments for schools and need to be accounted for every day. You don’t just have to track the assets that walk out of the school. What about those that keep sitting in the building and never get to leave like chair, desks and expensive lab equipment? You can simply use durable asset and inventory labels for all these items. With school asset management software, you can track just about any item an asset label including books, school vehicles, digital devices, documents, furniture items, and others.

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3. Integrated process automation and data accuracy

The amount of inventory to be administered in schools can be overwhelming. Keeping tabs on all the school material and supplies can be a daunting task for the school management. For instance, there are thousands of textbooks that are often issued to students at a time. What a logistical nightmare can that be without any proper means of tracking these books! School asset management software with asset labels can help you track the number of books that are issued and the number of books due for return.

check-in checkout software for schools

Automated asset tracking solution allows assets to be checked in/out, audited and added without manual data entry errors.

Regardless of the fact that we live in an era with countless cloud-based school management solutions like never before, many schools still depend on paper records to track school inventory. The spreadsheets with limited functionality and time-consuming manual data entry, it simply means that your school remains prone to errors. Automated asset management system with asset labels for schools makes it easy to examine inconsistencies, trends, and problems along with boosting accuracy and convenience.

A centralized database holds the students and staff accountable as the continuous changes made by every user across the campuses are recorded in real-time. You are empowered with the ultimate access control to know when the equipment has reached the end of its lifespan, when warranties run out or when a PAT check is needed. You will also be able to make more informed decisions about asset allocation.

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Opt for a complete school asset management software

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