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Under the Scanner: Feature Release February 2017 – Asset Tracking Software

Under the scanner - February 2017

As far as New Year’s Resolutions go, EZOfficeInventory kept up its end of the deal in grand fashion! We can’t wait to show off the enhancements that have been made for you – all based on your feedback. Our asset tracking software now includes streamlined procurement workflows, and a robust Computerized Maintenance Management System. How’s that for a New Year treat?! 

Read on to find out what we’ve got in store for you in our latest feature release!


CMMS – Service & Maintenance: We’ve made huge improvements to our Services and Maintenance workflow. The Services page under the notification bell now gives you a snapshot of all active, completed and pending services. We’ve also introduced an add-on enabling services on specific groups to repeat periodically. Set up a ‘Recurring Service’ by clicking ‘More’. We’ve tweaked our Service Triage feature, too! You can now put items into service indefinitely and pull them out only when it’s convenient for you. In addition, details about maintenance have now been added to the Availability Calendar. Learn more.

procurement and asset management

Purchase Order Management: We now offer greater customization for both the PO listing page and the PO line items within a Purchase Order itself. This way, you can have a quick overview of all the information that’s important to you. We now have custom fields for Purchase Orders as well so there’s no more missing out on the finer details. Admins can add multiple items to a Purchase Order using the mass action button on the Items page, speeding up processing times. Add these to an existing drafted PO, or create a new one right there. We’ve also introduced PO alerts for admins and relevant supervisors! Learn More

cart management

Cart Improvements: Do you move carts around a lot? We now maintain this information in our logs, viewable under History > Cart History on the cart details page. If you wanted greater Admin control over carts, we’ve got just the thing for you! Admins can edit undrafted carts, regardless of who created them. Our biggest improvement around carts is a brand new carts tab on our mobile app! You can now add and remove items from a cart, take different actions such as reserving or printing the cart, and even view Cart Transactions on the go. Learn More

reports and analytics

Reports: After saving, you can now choose to share custom reports across all admins. Of course, only the creator of the report or the Account Owner will be able to make changes to the report. For this to play out ‘Save Custom Reports’ must be enabled from Settings > Add Ons. You can also print PDFs in the landscape format, to enable a much more intuitive display of your data. Do this by going to Settings > Company Settings > Advanced Settings > PDF Reports Page Layout.

inventory control

Inventory and Cart Reservations: Under the Company Settings > Reservations, you now have an option to enforce conflict-free reservations for inventory. This ensures you never run out of inventory items booked to be sold in advance. We’ve also made some tweaks to the carts section on the ‘Reservations’ page under the notification bell. Clicking ‘Edit’ will take you directly to the cart in question, helping you make quick edits. Clicking ‘View’ will also give you an option to do the same, under ‘Show Details’. This way, you can speed up the time taken to manage cart reservations. Learn More

time enhancements

Time Adjustments: We’ve  introduced a newLast Updated’ custom field to the Items Listing page; you can now see items based on when they were last edited. This can also be used as a filter, by specifying the time-frame within which items were updated to get the information you need. We’ve also added API calls for filtering items by ‘Last Updated’.

There’s more …

We’ve also brought out a whole host of other minor tweaks and improvements that are going to help you get things done a bit more quickly! For instance:

  • Easy to set up custom alerts with sample views
  • Staff Users can now view location details
  • The ability to save search preferences
  • In-app updates so you can keep up with feature releases
  • Refer a friend’ and avail Amazon Gift Card.

While we continue to work on some exciting enhancements for you this year, let’s take a look back at everything we achieved together in 2016! Click here to view the Infographic.

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