Asset Tracking Software for Government Agencies

Thinking about tracking your asset seems to be not an easy task to accomplish. Especially for government agencies that delivers direct and derived benefits, along with lower costs and increased efficiency. From simple accounting for assets to executing quick responses against natural disasters, government agencies are realizing today the power of an asset tracking software to boost visibility into asset optimization and utilization. What they are looking for is a cost-effective, adaptive and complete asset management system that is flexible enough to achieve the agency goals.

What Assets do Government Agencies track?

In order to operate, a possible range of assets that agencies from the smallest local department to the largest government agencies require include:asset tracking software for government agencies

    • Plants and Buildings – Vehicles, facilities, equipment, etc
    • Hardware/Software – Computers, keyboards, mouses, tablets, phones, servers and data storage
    • Warehouse – Equipment and parts inventory items
    • Fleet – Vehicles, Delivery trucks, maintenance tools
    • Office Supplies – Stationery, printers, scanners
    • Furniture – Chairs, tables, boards, and cupboards
  • Customer Service – Service and Maintenance, a complete request management system

Asset Management Cloud Platform – Advantages for Government Agencies

    • Developed and designed specifically to target government agencies – their day to day asset management workflows
    • Swift deliverance of new features
    • Interfaces that gel with several existing systems used in government agencies
    • Enhanced maintenance management
    • Cut down on missing and stolen items
  • Rapid and more accurate audits

What Asset Tracking can do for Government Agencies?

Following are some of the common functions an asset tracking software, that impacts a government agency:

    • Provides a comprehensive directory of all the assets – single and centralized repository asset management data
    • Check in/out of items – identify asset location at any given time
    • Enables the agencies to conduct inventories and all related asset tracking functions with a handheld and mobile enabled barcode scanner
    • Track items – looks up a complete history of an asset along with vendor and service provider tracking
    • Schedules and executes service and maintenance of the items
    • Creates alerts and keep tabs on low and overstock inventory items
    • Performs accurate cost tracking and recording against all the assets and their related activities
    • Improves work processes with advanced and innovative technologies
    • Increases asset utilization, boosts productivity and reduces expenses
  • Integrates seamlessly with third party applications

EZOfficeInventory – Cost effective, scalable and adaptable Asset Tracking Software

The tracking of IT and fixed assets within any government agency is crucial and the use of an efficient asset tracking software enables these agencies to automate the process of tracking, servicing, accounting and auditing of a variety of types of equipment. EZOfficeInventory is an ideal solution – the flexibility found in its equipment tracking design provides an easy to use asset management system.

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