Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs August 2020 Release Notes

EZOfficeInventory Feature Release Notes August 2020


Team EZOfficeInventory introduced some exciting new features, enhancements, and integrations in the past months. We have upgraded our Custom Fields and Carts features and introduced a Custody Verification feature. As always, we look forward to providing you with streamlined workflows and this is exactly what our Zapier, Jira, and Okta integrations aim to do.

1.Custody Verification

Verify ownership for all your assets and asset stock by listing custodians. In addition to verification you can also record the condition of the assets under possession. All this data can be saved under verification history. 

2.Transfer cart custody 

As an added security feature, you can now track changing custody of carts. Suitable for companies with intricate workflows, cart custody can be transferred for all types of assets. You can add users from different departments and record ownership as goods relocate. 

3. Declining Balance Depreciation

To cater to the variety of businesses, we have added a Declining Balance Depreciation module in Asset Depreciation. Now you can choose and set Straight Line Balance or Declining Balance according to your requirements. 

4.Bundle enhancements

You can now toggle between bundle and item view in carts. The bundle can also be removed from a cart in a pre-checked out state. 

5.Custom Field enhancements

Maintain seamless workflows by linking custom fields with different modules like Location, Groups, Items and Vendors. For example, to coordinate events smoothly, as an admin you can link a default location for all checked out assets. Create direct references to data in the system and enable users to link the right information together

6.SCIM User Provisioning with OKTA

The SCIM integration with EZOfficeInventory ensures an automatic synchronization for user identities when using different identity providers. This feature enables access to a centralized database and enhances security. 

7.Integration with Jira for On-Premise Tracking 

Enable prompt issue tracking with EZOfficeInventoy’s Jira On-Premise integration. You can lower equipment downtime and resolve issues in Jira with quick access to asset details like AIN’s and locations from EZOfficeInventory. 

8.Integration with Zapier

The Zapier Integration enables an efficient work environment by automating repetitive tasks. For example, link together EZOfficeInventory with GoogleSheets through Zapier and populate assets instantly through one medium.

That’s all for now folks! For more assistance on our asset management software, reach out to us at

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