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Barcode Equipment Tracking System: A Guide To Improving Efficiency


For many organizations out there, it is actually the equipment that keeps them going. And being a manager, you are bound to be squeezed from two ends. At one end, the operational budgets keep shrinking while at the other end equipment repair and maintenance costs remain high. If you want to get your costs under control, you need to look for a way to get the most out of your equipment, plan for unexpected failures and maximize equipment up-time. Luckily, with a barcode equipment tracking system, you can do just that.

Barcode equipment tracking system provides you with a constant stream of data regarding maintenance, repairs, custodianship and much more. By tracking your valuable assets with attached barcode labels like refrigeration equipment, vehicles, lathe machines, gas pumps and others, you will have a clear and detailed view of each and every piece of equipment. In industries like construction and retail, equipment is usually dispersed. Having access to real-time and historical data about assets let workers identify and fix problems right from the spot.

The fusion of barcode technology and equipment tracking system

It isn’t the sole existence of barcodes that help your business’s bottom line. It is the entire equipment tracking system behind it. Their fusion is fundamental to managing equipment properly and ensuring that they are maintained and available whenever needed.

Durable barcode labels are the top priority for industries that use equipment tracking system. Barcode labels work as asset tags or unique identification labels. When fused with equipment tracking system, these labels maximizes equipment control and reduces equipment loss in organizations.

Barcodes remain the standard for equipment tracking and data collection as they contain information that is critical for a business like an asset category, project name and much more. They even make counting and tracking assets quicker, more accurate and error free.

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How does your company benefit from barcode equipment tracking system?

One: It reduces your costs with the multi-functional barcode scanner

on the go barcode equipment tracking system

How about killing multiple birds with one stone? Track your equipment using barcode scanning, attach photos of equipment condition, generate PDF document and automatically map asset location. You can do all this using your smartphones because they can work as a smart multi-functional barcode scanner for equipment management. Using a smartphone as a barcode scanner is a much more affordable option compared to purchasing expensive hardware. Not only does it offer multiple functionalities but also let small businesses give it a thought.

Have all the data you need in a blink of an eye

Valuable equipment is dispersed across your job sites and facilities. With smartphones, your workers can scan equipment in the field itself. They don’t have to be near their office computers anymore. Also, you don’t have to designate certain employees to do the scanning. Now all the employees have scanners right in their pockets. For example, there is an equipment that needs to be repaired, the employee can simply scan it and take a picture of its condition then and there using the smartphone. The result is accurate with real-time equipment picture which is extremely helpful for managers to take prompt action.

Two: It gives you unparalleled accuracy levels

barcode equipment tracking system database

To err is human: but to the barcode is accuracy. Humans may make mistakes but barcodes don’t. Equipment tracking barcode software offers the fastest, most accurate and automated method of collecting equipment data using a barcode scanner. It then transfers all the information to a central database. In case you have been managing your equipment manually, you will be able to appreciate the benefits of eliminating errors, extra keystrokes and duplicate data entry along with minimizing labor costs.

Barcode scanner collects and transfers data into central database quickly and accurately

There is an average of 10 errors for every one thousand keystrokes a person enters. The error rate of only 1 in 3 million is no secret for barcode scanners. A barcode scanner also collects and records equipment data at an amazing speed. This level of speed and accuracy will radiate throughout your organization and have far-reaching effects on the bottom line. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest reasons that companies go for equipment tracking system with barcode technology is to minimize the cost of human errors.

One wrongly typed ‘zero’ can create a lot of chaos and such errors can get more common as your business begins to grow. Data mistakes can result in overspending when you mistakenly order too much. You might order too many spare parts of an equipment when you don’t know you already have them.

Three: It improves your operational efficiency

Work in the process can be tracked precisely and quickly since barcodes allow accurate and faster recording of information. Quite an amount of time can be typically spent in tracking down the status or location of equipment, parts, tools, folders, projects or anything else that keeps moving inside your organization. Barcode labels enable you to better track allowing you to save time and respond faster to changes and inquiries regarding your equipment.

Time savings can be significant depending on the application. For instance, a large construction company is unable to locate its tractor needed right now for a project. Now they will have to look for it at storage rooms present at different locations. In other words, the manager will have to waste a lot of time looking for it and cause delays in the ongoing construction project. Using a barcode equipment tracking system, they can simply track who last used it and when did he/she checked it out. By accessing the historical data of the tractor, they can even find out whether it is in a usable condition or not. In busy operation, it can result in significant time savings and prompt actions.

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EZOfficeInventory – keeps tabs on your equipment the right way!

EZOfficeInventory’s barcode equipment tracking system offers analytics and real-time data. These are powerful factors for managers particularly those focused on equipment management. Perhaps, the best benefit of our barcode system is improved equipment management because of automated data collection technology. It easily gathers information that might not be possible using other methods – allowing the managers to make fully-informed decisions that can impact a company’s growth. With sound and accurate information at hand, you can excel and get the jump on the competition.

Our barcode scanner equipment tracking system even speeds up the equipment management process and cancels out entry errors common to manual methods. You can simply attach each of your equipment with durable barcode labels and scan your valuable assets. You have the option of buying barcode scanners for each of your employees or simply using smartphones as scanners. Our barcode equipment tracking system is loaded with customizability and flexibility.

EZOfficeInventory increases productivity because the data only has to be entered once and is kept in one place. This is so much better than manually re-entering the data into two or more separate systems. This translates into the elimination of human typing errors and delays caused by such errors enhancing data integrity and transparency.

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EZOfficeInventory is the leading barcode asset tracking system used by organizations around the world. Enhance data accuracy, improve profit margins and keep your equipment running smoothly!

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