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Difference between Bundles and Packages


Bundles and Packages are advanced features that enable checking out multiple assets with a single action. 

Packages involve clamping together assets such that they are always checked out and checked in together. In contrast, Bundles are a grouping of assets and inventories that will likely be checked out for a certain activity.

1. When to use Packages 

Use Packages when you always need to take the same action on a set of assets. For example, a GPS tracker bolted to the dashboard of a truck. If the GPS tracker is asset # 1 and the Truck is asset # 2, these two assets will always be checked out, checked in, and reserved together. If the GPS tracker gets permanently damaged, it can be removed from the truck and a new one can be installed. This is a perfect scenario where packages should be used.

Packages can also be used where assets are not literally bolted to one another but are still checked out/in together. For example, items required for an operations team meeting. Now if you plan to use these together at all times, these can be packaged together. Assets in a package can not be checked-in/out, individually. Here is a screengrab for a package used for an event. 

Note: Learn More about Packages.

2. When to use Bundles 

Bundles are for creating a loose association of asset types and can include inventory alongside assets. For example, if you need an equipment to conduct a P.E lecture, you’re not concerned with a specific item # per se but that you be assigned the equipment. Bundles come in handy for such scenarios.

Let’s say you want to have a bundle for conducting a lecture where you require an interactive whiteboard, projector and a microphone. You can add these assets to the bundle. Now whenever you are conducting the same lecture again, you can checkout this bundle. You can also add inventory in a bundle.

Note: Learn More about Bundles.

Here is a screen grab for a Photo Shoot bundle.

Assets OnlyCan have both assets and inventory
You can take any action on the assets in a package.You can only check out and reserve bundles. You do so by adding the bundle to cart.
All assets are checked out, checked in and reserved etc together. If an asset is no longer relevant to a package, the package should be redefined.Bundles are flexible. You can change which asset you want from your specified group. You can also remove an asset or inventory before the checkout.
Exact assets are named,”Asset groups and subgroups are named.For actions, bundle pulls up available assets from these groups/subgroups as per the quantity specified in a bundle. Exact inventory items are named.

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