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Why Equipment Check-in and Checkout is Easier with Asset Tracking Software


In this age of technology, it’s hard to imagine a business operating without an automated system of inventory management. It’s about time businesses have cloud-based solutions implemented across departments. Businesses can generate a greater return on investment by minimizing workflow inefficiencies. One way to do this is to implement a barcode tracking system for your inventory items. This allows you to carry out all business activities within your targeted budget as well as in a time-effective manner.

Assigning barcodes to all your inventory items lets you minimize errors associated with manual entry of assets. If your assets have a barcode label, it gives you a chance to record an asset’s usage more accurately. What’s even more useful is that barcodes are extremely versatile. They can be used to conduct a variety of data reports and insights for your business.

In addition to being inexpensive as compared to other methods of data entry, barcode labels tend to reduce employee training times. This means that your staff workers are free to do other important quantitative tasks. As a result, inventory control becomes simplified and more streamlined. When you keep a tab of asset utilization, you can make changes in resource allocation accordingly. This ultimately leads to well-informed decision making.

How can you use asset tracking software for equipment management?

A cloud-based asset tracking software can deploy barcode labels for your business assets. By using this software, you can increase transparency for your assets and mitigate risks involved in the mismanagement of data. One prominent and must feature offered by the software is equipment or asset ‘check-in and checkout’. If you are having trouble keeping track of your assets, read on to find out how to make equipment management easier with asset tracking software:

One: Move assets across locations for seamless business operations

Any scale of business – be it small, medium or large possess valuable inventory. This includes office supplies and heavy equipment which is often used by employees out on the field for various projects. Isn’t it inconvenient when someone takes out an asset for use and doesn’t update its records? Missing asset information wastes time as well as creates an alarming situation for your business. Where is the missing equipment? Is it actually out for use by an employee or has it been lost or even worse, stolen?

You can avoid such scenarios by always keeping your asset information up-to-date. Cloud-based asset tracking solution lets you link your equipment with locations. By doing so, you can easily enter the current locations of wherever your equipment is at any point in time. This feature allows you to check-in and checkout assets in an organized way so that no movement goes unsupervised. You can transfer equipment to various venues without the trouble of misplacing or losing it. Optimize asset usage by keeping track of it at all times.

barcode asset tracking software

Add locations to track all asset movements

Two: Manage your equipment efficiently to stay organized

Carrying out flawless business tasks involves a great deal of planning, booking and executing. To ensure your organization runs smoothly, it is important that your employees have the equipment they need to perform their daily duties. Apart from this, business activities nowadays also require a lot of arrangements in advance. So, the question is how do you manage equipment check-ins and checkouts when it comes to reservations?

Say, your business wants to prepare for a construction project due next month. What’s important is that you sort out all the necessary equipment needed and book it for the expected date to avoid availability conflicts. For this purpose, equipment tracking software allows you to book assets and check their status through the availability calendar. So, this means, whenever a certain equipment is checked out, you will be able to see this status marked on the calendar. This way you can plan conflict-free business events and stay on top of equipment management!

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Three: Take your business with you wherever you go

Every year, businesses witness a rise in mobile activities. Efficient project and asset management tasks usually involve employees traveling outside offices to onsite or different locations to work. Such projects also indicate that workers will be taking official supplies along with them as well. For instance, you are using a manual asset management system and are in a hurry for a certain meeting. It is quite possible that you might forget to update asset records. What does that entail for your inventory portfolio? Employees will spend time looking for that particular equipment until you remember to put it back.

To help you deal with the rise in mobility, asset tracking software comes with a mobile application to let you update your work order from your smartphone. Easy and convenient in most situations, mobile apps go wherever you go. You don’t have to waste time finding a scanner to enter your equipment status. You can do it all through your phone. This feature makes asset check-in and checkout a whole lot simpler and quicker for your business.

asset tracking software mobile application

Check-in and checkout assets through your mobile app

Four: Increase visibility by keeping track of asset possession  

One of the main events of the business year includes the audit season. To retain the integrity of the organization it’s critical that you clear this season out. If you are not maintaining accurate asset records, you might be facing trouble at the end of the business year. Apart from adding asset locations, it’s important to add who is using them. So, for instance, if you can’t find a piece of equipment you know who to refer to in order to relocate it.

To implement a robust equipment check-in and checkout process, asset tracking software enables employees to scan their ID’s every time they take an asset for use. The barcode labels on the asset allow for a quick checkout process, along with recording ownership as well. This helps save time for employees and raise productivity and efficiency of the business!

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Track your equipment the right way with asset tracking software

Every day numerous inventory items go missing and remain unnoticed until organizations conduct audit practices. When you realize the loss at the end of the business year, it’s too late to do something about it. Incidents such as this become very common due to poor inventory management. Inventory management and asset tracking software provide you a variety of functions to help you overcome challenges related to equipment usage. You can track locations and book your assets in advance for future events. Stay connected on-the-go and always get real-time updates on asset ownership to cut down risks related to mismanagement!

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