Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs Confetti Shower Feature Release

Confetti Shower – Our first feature release of 2015


We are back from holidays with a new year’s gift for you. With powerful new features and enhancements, we are confident that 2015 will be your most productive and successful year.


PRE-APPROVED CHECKOUT: We are introducing a new feature for arbitrated companies that enables admins to pre-approve checkouts. To get started, select Pre-approved Reservation usage from Settings. Staff users will be able to request reservations (which appear with Reservations). Admins can approve these requests to turn them into Reservations, which can then be checked out by staff users themselves during the reservation period.

asset stock4

STOCK QUANTITY ON MOBILE: The mobile app now supports quick actions on stock quantities. Select/scan a number of Asset Stock items and check out a default quantity for all of them, in one go. Similarly, a default stock quantity can be sold (remove stock) for inventory. To get started, select the default quantity to be checked out for Asset Stock from Add ons-> Asset Stock Module. For inventory, see Company Settings-> Default Stock Quantity

indefinite checkout 3

MANDATORY RETURN DATE: The “check out indefinitely” option can be a concern for businesses where return dates are mandatory. You can now require staff users to always enter a return date to know precisely when a checked out asset is due. To get started, enable this setting from Company Settings -> Default Return Date and Time -> Allow staff user to checkout indefinitely.

much more

– A new view for listing page has been introduced. You can now expand the asset listing table to hide the sidebar. This will enable you to better concentrate on the data in the table and minimize the need to scroll.
Asset Stock Reports have been added to provide you valuable insights about asset stock. Powerful filters in these reports let you make sense of large amounts of data.
– A new filter on items listings to drill down to items that are Available During a specified date Range.
Availability Calendar now gives you availability by groups. Further enhancements to the Availability Calendar are coming up next week.

builder's creed

Stay tuned for BUILDERS’ CREED in February 2015
Our engineering team has been working hard on upgrading our infrastructure in the next feature release. What does this mean for you?
– Receive next generation features
– Improved robustness and reliability of Service
– Smoother experience through faster response time
– A completely revamped mobile experience

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