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Construction Equipment Tracking System: How To Get The Most Out Of It?


Construction equipment tracking system: An overview

Construction companies undoubtedly have a wide variety of equipment under their responsibility. The construction industry faces various challenges, particularly, keeping track of their equipment. What makes tracking these equipment items such a challenge is the fact that no construction sites are the same. Construction equipment needs a powerful equipment tracking system which is simple and easy-to-use right in the field. This is because the cost of neglected and lost equipment can add up really quick.

Among other responsibilities that construction managers are loaded with, they also have to allocate work orders, keep an eye on equipment and personnel at constructions sites. With an addition to that, boost resource effectiveness via the acquisition of necessary equipment and develop communication with workforce regarding equipment to resolve issues instantly. It is here that the construction equipment tracking system can really loosen up the burden.

Electronic equipment tracking is extremely useful for maintaining equipment and letting things to hum along. A construction site can run smoothly and efficiently with a construction equipment tracking system. This way, it will have a process in place to keep track of everything from heavy equipment to safety glasses. Yes, the construction assets can be tracked manually. Then what is the need for doing it digitally? One little word, accuracy! Instead of depending on your forgetful memory to make sure everything is happening right on time, you can use an equipment tracking solution that notifies you whenever maintenance needs to be scheduled.

What does construction equipment tracking system do for your business?

1. It meets compliance issues gracefully

construction equipment tracking system audits

Being compliant with industry guidelines is important for companies around the world but this rings particularly true for the construction industry. There are organizations out there that keep checking whether your company meets the required standards. Luckily, with construction equipment management software you can meet all the compliance guidelines.

Save your company hundreds and thousands of dollars by complying with health and safety standards

It lets you keep tabs on countless equipment by utilizing historical data and trends along with letting you pay close attention to maintenance of your construction assets. You will have the privilege of prioritizing certain equipment for maintenance over others. You can conduct preventive maintenance by managing custom alerts and organize recurring servicing tasks. This is extremely important because poorly maintained equipment can increase the chances of injuries at construction sites.

2. It takes control of equipment scheduling

When the construction season is at its peak, you have hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment and workers assigned on projects that need to be scheduled and tracked. Construction equipment tracking system simplifies employee and equipment management with a resource scheduling feature. You will be able to assign personnel and equipment to the job site on a daily basis. As soon as the tasks are scheduled, employees receive a notification letting them know when and where they are required to work. With the scheduling feature, you will know who is available for work and accordingly assign them to haul equipment to the work site.

The process of work allocation sure becomes a piece of cake as all it takes is just one click to assign tasks to employees because everything is marked in one place. Construction managers are alerted as soon as something goes wrong and are notified through emails whenever a fault is identified in an equipment. This prevents confusion associated with work responsibilities. Projects can reach completion faster as you can look for an alternative without wasting time.

3. It efficiently battles with sudden complications

Construction industry usually caters multiple projects that gradually grow in scope. As they do, inefficient scheduling occurs. The project tasks become complicated and unplanned duties keep showing up. Due to this, workers have to take a longer route to solve issues which lead to overruns and bloated budgets. This also increases the costs associated with gathering machinery, materials, and workers. It then becomes a huge hassle to get equipment and people to work overtime or out of the schedule.

construction equipment tracking system project management

Did you know? 70% of construction projects go through a time overrun.

Remain in line with your projected target with equipment tracking solution in place.

Equipment tracking software lets you successfully battle with the above issue with its actionable insights and in-depth data management. You can examine reports related to equipment maintenance and utilization along with keeping track of work orders so you can remain on top of all your tasks. Such level of close monitoring not only allows you to consistently battle rising costs but also help you stay on target.

4. It optimizes the equipment usage

At construction sites, there is a variety of equipment needed for various jobs. There is no turning back from the fact that these equipment items age. Now deciding which ones to rent and own, knowing about their life cycle and how to get the best use from each of the equipment can be crucial to make your projects a success. Construction equipment management solution offers just the features you need. It can identify crew management costs across all classes of equipment, individual parts, assemblies and machines which prevent negative return on investments.

With an equipment tracking software solution, you can remain in your construction equipment management sweet spot. You will have the ability to combine operating and owning costs of your equipment in order to figure out when a machine has gone past its useful life and needs replacement. The equipment tracking software manages return on investment (ROI) and average-age usage of your equipment.

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EZOfficeInventory – Get the best out of your equipment investment!

EZOfficeInventory is an ideal construction equipment management and tracking software. Our system moves with you no matter where you go in order to track the important construction assets that are vital for the operations of your company. It is affordable and simple-to-use.

With our robust construction equipment tracking system, you can manage the equipment you own as well as the one you have rented. It helps to address the recurring demands from your job sites whether it is maintenance or repair issues, rescheduling of equipment, or sudden malfunction. We take care of all your equipment associated issues in one unified workspace. You will also remain aware of the status of your equipment in real-time – helping you make quick decisions. Being able to closely monitor lifecycle and maintenance of your equipment can save you thousands of dollars.

Our software solution allows you to easily create asset-based workflow driven by inspection, status and service requirements. You will also be able to track the movement of your equipment through our job site portal, letting you control downtimes and manage risks effectively. Construction companies around the world are heading towards mobile app and cloud-based software solutions tracking their vital assets. With EZOfficeInventory, maximize your bottom line to get more life out of your equipment investments!

Want to learn more about our construction equipment tracking system?

EZOfficeInventory is the leading construction equipment tracking software that construction industries around the world implement without hesitation. Optimize your equipment and control your costs efficiently!

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