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Get Simpler, Faster Access Control With the Improved Custom Roles Design


The Custom Roles feature is designed to enable powerful access control across your organization. You can create unique roles for your users and grant permissions based on your business needs.

Take the case of construction companies where field managers use Custom Roles for improved security and operational efficiency. Due to ongoing projects across numerous job sites, Admins don’t want technicians to check items in and out to other work sites. Here they can use Custom Roles to allow special permission so Staff can view equipment and take actions specific to their workflows. 

Whether you have been using Custom Roles or are new to them, we invite you to try the new and enhanced design. Incorporating customer feedback and popular workflow requirements, the updated design further simplifies how you create roles and adds more efficiency. 

If you want to learn more about how to set up Custom Roles, click here

What’s new?

Here are some highlights of the updated design:

1. Easily find the module you need

The new Custom Roles design divides modules into logical categories for easy viewing and selection. This simplified view eliminates the need to scroll through the entire page to find the module you are looking for.

2. Simplified control with basic and advanced permissions

Previously when creating Custom Roles, you could see a full list of modules and  set permissions for all of them. However, with the new design, modules have been divided into two sections – Basic and Advanced.  

The Basic set includes modules that are most frequently used by customers. The Advanced set is created for users who want to set up more specific permissions. 

‘Basic Permissions’ are visible for Custom Roles by default. These include general modules as highlighted in the image below. On the top right corner, the user has the option to switch to Advanced Permissions. 

Advanced Permissions offer enhanced access control and include modules likeTeam,Carts, Work Orders, Custom Fields and more. Offering increased authority, advanced permissions are useful for Admins when dealing with intricate workflows that need special control through Custom Roles. The modules offered in Advanced Permissions are shown below: 

3. Linked actions now available in a single space

The new design now offers multiple actions that are typically linked to each other in a single space. For example, the Work Order section now includes Work logs and Checklists that were previously listed separately. Having all Work Order functionality in a consolidated section makes it convenient for Admins to define permissions for users.  

Similarly, the new design combines Services and Recurring Services under Advanced Permissions. This enables Admins to set service permissions for all Items in a streamlined manner. 

4. Intuitive permission and access control

Previously, Custom Roles had many columns to choose from with varying permissions for both Staff Users and Admins. The new design offers intuitive columns displaying a continuum of permission control with distinctive rows for ‘For What Items’ and ‘For Who’. Having permissions clearly laid out makes it easier for users to select the ones relevant to their roles.  

Note: The default permissions for Custom Roles remain unchanged for both staff users and admin. 

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