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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs Date Alert Phases

Configure Date Alert in Phases with EZOfficeInventory


In large organizations, business operations require multiple tiers of reminders for alerts. In order to facilitate tasks on time, EZOfficeInventory introduces Date Alerts Phases. With the help of this feature, companies can now send out multiple email notifications about the occurrence of an event. 

Step 1: Set Up Alert Phases on Alerts Page

Go to the Navigation Menu → More → Alerts→ My Alerts 

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Step 2: Enable Date Alert Phases

Let’s say you want to set up 2 alerts for Check-in Due date. Simply click on the + sign below the alert type. 

An overlay will appear asking you to enter a phase. Here you select when exactly you want to send in an alert. If you enter 5, the first alert will be sent 5 days before the Check-in is due. 

In order to add phase 2, click ‘Add Phase’ and add the number of days you want to send the alert by. Once you have added the number of Phase Alerts you want to set, click create. 

Note: You cannot add more than 5 maximum Date Alert Phases. 

The final Alerts will look like this:

Step 3: Select Groups and Locations for Alerts

Next, select the users you want to send out the alerts to. You can choose from the Groups you have created. 

You can also choose Locations where you want to be notified about the Alerts. If there is no specific location, then turn on No Location. 

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Step 4: Set Up Custom Field Date Alerts

You can also set a custom Date Alert. Go to the Navigation Menu → Custom Fields → Add a Custom Field. Choose the Type as Date Field (alert) from the dropdown menu.

Here you can add multiple Phase Alerts for sending notifications before or after a specified date. 

Simply go to Add Phase and select the number of days to send in an alert. 

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