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[How-to] Save Time and Money With Employee Offboarding in EZOfficeInventory


EZOfficeInventory empowers Administrators in the system to stay informed and retrieve any equipment assigned to employees who have their exit dates coming up, resulting in a smooth offboarding process. They can set alerts and get notified about upcoming offboarding dates so the process of decommissioning equipment can be kicked off. It also notifies the Admins of tickets assigned or maintenance that involves the employee(s) who is being offboarded.

Benefits of offboarding workflows:

Increase efficiency and save costs: Offboarding with EZOfficeInventory translates into convenience for Admins. Consolidating all the relevant data of the leaving employees onto a single platform ensures efficiency and saves time needed to offboard employees. Also, importantly, you save cost by ensuring that all equipment in the employees’ possession is turned back in. 

Email templates and Alerts to save time: Email templates can be set up in EZOfficeInventory for notifying the Admins regarding upcoming offboardings including a list of Assets, tickets, and maintenance work assigned to the leaving employee. These alerts ensure that Assets are taken back in an efficient and timely manner and returned to the company inventory. 

Timely re-assignment of pending tasks:By staying informed about tickets or maintenance work that was assigned to an employee who is leaving the organization, Admins can timely re-assign them to other resources. This process allows an efficient transfer of duties and prevents any breakdowns that might have occurred otherwise.

Smooth employee exits: Proactive offboarding approach with timely alerts and reminders helps streamline the last few interactions of the leaving employees with your organization, enabling maximum employee satisfaction.

Let’s walk you through the offboarding workflows in EZOfficeInventory. 

1. Member Offboarding in EZOfficeInventory

When the HR manager informs the IT department about the offboarding of an employee, the IT technician will update EZOfficeInventory for the offboarding dates. In case the date was communicated in person, the IT department will simply add the offboarding date in the Member profile or import in bulk if required. The offboarding date can be mapped from an AD if the details have been updated on the AD. Lets look at these three ways to update offboarding dates in EZOfficeInventory:

Under SCIM, LDAP and GSuite  Attributes, Add an attribute under the Basic Attribute heading named “Offboarding Date” so data can be mapped. 

It will appear in EZOfficeInventory as follows:

1.2 Imports via Excel

You can also add offboarding dates while importing Members. Go to the Members Listing page →Import Members →Add New Members. 

From here you can upload the excel file with the Member information and add the offboarding date column. 

Once the excel file is uploaded you can view the offboarding details on the Listings page. 

1.3 Member profile

In order to add offboarding dates for individual Members, go to the Member Details page and click Edit. 

Here you can enter the Offboarding dates and hit Update.

Note: Offboarding date can only be updated if the user is an Admin. 

After adding Offboarding dates for Members, add the column on the Listing page as follows:

After you save the view, the Listing page will appear as follows:

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Offboarding workflows

Once the offboarding dates have been updated your system, there are two possible scenarios

  1. offboarding date is in the future (a month from the present date)
  2. Offboarding date is not in the future (it’s the next day) 

Both of these scenarios trigger a different workflow in order to ensure timely offboarding of members. Let’s look at each of these: 

Future Offboarding date: If the offboarding date is a couple of weeks later, then the member status remains unchanged and does not switch to deactivated. An alert is sent out to all admins listing any asset associations with the member. The alert sent out depends on the alerts you have enabled. From the main Navigation menu, go to Alerts → Members and turn on the required Alerts. 

The sample email Alert for Member Offboarding includes Assets, Asset Stock checked out to the Member. It also shows any pending Zendesk tickets, Work Orders, Purchase Orders and maintenance and service tickets for the Member. 

Note: Alerts are turned on for Admins by default. Staff Alerts and Service Desk Alerts will not be turned on by default. 

In order to set up the recurrence of offboarding alerts, click on the bell icon next to ‘offboarding due in – days’.

A pop up will be displayed asking you to enter how often you want to receive the offboarding alerts:

 ‘Offboarding due in — days’ alert will trigger an email “–” days(selected in recurring alert) before offboarding of members. i.e offboarding date = ’20 January, 2023′ and reminder selected as ‘3’ days before. Alert will trigger on ’17 January, 2023′ with details.

Offboarding date has passed: In such situations, the admins will directly offboard the member. Go to the Member profile details page → More → Off Board Member. 

A pop up will appear asking you to enter the offboarding date and change the status of the member: 

Once you click ‘Update’, you will be notified of any pending item associations with the member:

In case you would like to Enable automatic deletion of offboarded members, you can do so. Go to Company Settings → Member Offboarding → Enabled.

3.Offboarding Reports and KPIs

Offboarding reports let you keep track of pending associations with Members. Go to Reports →Member Reports. Here you can run the following offboarding reports for your members:

A report for ‘Inactive Members with Asset Stock’ will display the details for the associated items:

You can also run a Custom Reports for Offboarding members. Simply select the Offboarding Date in Step 2. 

A Members Custom Report containing Offboarding Dates will look like this:

In order to make it easier to track offboarding, Admins can add the relevant KPIs to their dashboards. The first widget card shows the KPIs that help admins schedule alerts and off board members in time. The second widget card shows item associations with inactive members that need to be disassociated:

You can set three KPIs for Offboarding Dates of Members on the Dashboard as defined below:

  • Overdue Offboardings: This would contain the total count of employees whose offboarding process is incomplete. 
  • Offboardings due today: This would contain the total count of employees which have the current date as their offboarding date. When clicked, it would display the list of all employees which have the current date as their offboarding date. The filter would be turned on for all users with offboarding dates the current date. 
  • Offboarding due in the next 7 days: This would contain the total count of employees which have their offboarding date 7 days after the current date. When clicked, it would display the list of all employees which have their offboarding date 7 days after the current date. The filter would be turned on for all users with offboarding dates in the next 7 days. 

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