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What Is Equipment Calibration Tracking Software?


Companies own countless equipment items that are spread across job sites and facilities. This can make it pretty difficult to know where your equipment has been, where they are now, which jobs they were used on, who used them most recently and when they were last calibrated. Answering these questions is important for a variety of reasons – like cost savings, compliance, safety and more. In an organization where compliance and safety is the top priority, the ability to manage and track equipment calibration can prove to be very useful. It helps to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

A company’s equipment calibration tasks are important for an efficient and quality management process. Equipment calibration tracking software enables organizations to manage these tasks online and offers in-depth analytics on the recorded data. An equipment calibration tracking system also manages your calibration schedule and automatically triggers calibration events before their due dates. In other words, it tracks a complete record of an equipment including its calibration data.

Challenges of equipment calibration

  • Poor equipment tracking: It is no secret that manually tracking equipment using paperwork or spreadsheets is an extremely time-consuming task. With a manual system, you certainly can’t identify and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Lack of control: An efficient equipment calibration management is quite dependent on the reliability of task reminders and creation. Even if you don’t have a large number of equipment items, it becomes quite difficult to avoid missing due dates and maintain records which eventually lead to delays.
  • Disconnected processes: If the equipment calibration system used by an organization is not integrated, it results in increased amount of support costs. When data is not linked in a quality context, work is duplicated as a result of overlapping functionality. On the whole, it results in reduced efficiency and lack of control over quality issues.

What does an equipment calibration tracking software do for your business?

One: It saves an employee’s productive hours

When you know who has which piece of equipment and where it is, you can simply avoid all the time-consuming guesswork. We are working in an increasingly mobile-centric environment today where employees are working on-the-go. They don’t have time to search for the needed equipment. Whether it is the trade shows across different countries or in-house meetings, your workers need to take the equipment with them.

Knowing about the equipment availability in real-time can be very crucial for employees at times. It will take time to track an equipment’s availability and current location when there’s a deadline. By simply getting access to the data, you allow your employees to identify where to get their equipment when they need it.

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Two: Compliance with industry standards and regulations

For many businesses, it is the equipment that keeps them in business. Imagine what a construction company would do if all of a sudden their large backhoes and tractors just stop working! The equipment history also allows technicians to optimize calibration intervals. In case of audits, the equipment calibrations system can help to prepare. It locates records on equipment and makes verifications effortlessly compared to manual calibration record keeping.

equipment calibration tracking software documents

The equipment calibration tracking software offers customized reports and stores all the calibrations data is in one database, instead of multiple disparate systems. This improves your business documentation. It also gathers all compliance related data in a single repository for use.

Improved documentation and accurate data allows companies to comply with standards of regulatory bodies

Having an updated status on each piece of equipment in use – whether safety inspections, testing or upgrades, workers can breathe a little easier too. Because of real-time data, they know the equipment is up to all the necessary standards and safe to use. Consistent calibration routines also keep minor issues from becoming major. It stops your company from spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on replacements and expensive repairs.

Three: It helps you make informed and data-driven decisions

Companies can make the most informed decisions about their equipment as a whole. Only, if they are able to look at the lifecycle of each of their equipment over time. The measuring equipment calibration software provides data like how frequently an equipment is used, how often it has to go in for repairs and for what kind of job it is used. Having this data at hand lets companies decide about their budget plans. It helps you identify if the equipment is actually useful or is it just draining company’s finances. Decisions on equipment replacements and new purchases become easier this way.

equipment calibration tracking software data reports

It is important for companies to constantly know which equipment is damaged and needs to be replaced or written off. When was the last time the equipment was checked out and returned to the main storage? Which of your equipment is present at the east location? It is here that equipment calibration tracking software pitches in to make things easier by letting you generate customized reports according to what you need.

When you have instant access to all the data you need, you can make critical decisions quickly without any delays

Furthermore, you have real-time access to critical equipment from anywhere. You can be more proactive and plan ahead. Equipment calibration software solution manages the entire calibration schedule and automatically sends alert to the responsible staff user before the due date. It maintains complete records and generates reports offering insight into calibration activities.

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Optimize your equipment calibrations tasks!

EZOfficeInventory’s equipment calibration tracking software is designed to record and schedule the results of all your calibration costs and activities. Every piece of equipment you own can be scheduled independently. Automatic notifications and easy-to-read reports tell you when the equipment is due for calibration.

Accurate functioning of an equipment is important for streamlined business operations. Equipment calibration software does an extraordinary job of maintaining accurate records of all the parts of the calibration process. This is why it can help your company comply with wide a variety of quality standards. With our equipment calibration tracking software, managers can notify the person responsible for calibration, create calibration records and track the record in order to confirm if the task has been completed.

Our software solution collects, reports and maintains all the needed data for complete traceability of equipment, its related transfers, and calibrations. Paperless calibration using wireless technology allows calibrators to record data at the point of work. It lets you know where your equipment is, who has it and what it was used for. This reduces the loss of equipment and lets you track its location. This, in turn, helps to cut the associated cost of replacing equipment. The workers don’t have to waste their precious time looking for information regarding the equipment they need. This increases the overall efficiency and productivity.

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Want to learn more about our equipment calibration tracking software?

EZOfficeInventory is the leading equipment calibration tracking software used by organizations of all sizes. Optimize your equipment calibration practices and keep your equipment running smoothly.

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