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Asset Intelligence and Management

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Espresso Shots – February 2015 feature release


It’s been an intense winter this year! Hope your town wasn’t hit hard by major blizzards. We’re sending some ‘Espresso Shots’ your way to keep you warm until Spring arrives. Here is what you get in this feature release.


LOCATION BASED ACCESS CONTROL: The advanced visibility settings to manage access control for large teams (user-listings) now support locations. Previously visibility for different teams could be restricted across groups e.g. the Production Team can only see Cameras and Accessories groups. Now this be done across locations as well e.g. NY Production Team can only see items from Cameras and Accessories groups that are at New York. To get started, enable this option from Settings -> Company Settings -> Visibility. Then go to a user-listing to configure locations.


SUPER-CHARGED AVAILABILITY CALENDAR: The availability calendar has been enhanced for increased productivity. You can now slice and dice through the items shown on the calendar by using the search bar on the top left. This enables you to focus on items required for a particular duration. After glancing through what’s available, you can instantly add items to cart by using the cart icon in front of the item name, model number or group name.


DOCUMENTS AND IMAGES LIBRARY: All images and documents in your account are now placed in a central location. Any file that you upload to an item or a group gets added to the library. You can also add files directly to the library, which supports uploading multiple files. You can then choose to attach pictures or documents from the library to an item or group. It also enables you to reuse a file multiple times. Have a look at Items -> Documents to explore further.


CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES FOR RESERVATIONS: Custom Attributes is one the most loved features and that’s why we’re continually enhancing it. Other than adding new fields to items, custom attributes can be used to customize check-in and check out forms. With this release, ‘reservation’ form and ‘requests to check-in’ form (for arbitrated companies) can also be customized. To set up a custom attribute with the new options, have a look at Items -> Custom Attributes -> Edit/Add one -> Preferences -> ‘Display at check out’ and ‘Display at check in’.


COLOR TAGS IN PRINT LABELS: Label Designer now supports adding colors to labels. You can choose from 9 different colors and 2 shapes (rounds and bars). Pick the shapes from the list of available design elements on label designing canvas. Double click on a shape to change color. This comes in handy when you quickly want to identify an item’s category by looking at the label. Say you want to use red  tags for Nikon Cameras and blue for Sony Cameras. Have a print label template for red and other for blue. Use the red one to print labels for Nikon and blue for Sony.


– Asset Stock import (via Excel) functionality has been added
– Low Stock report has been added for inventory items
– Adding and removing users, groups and locations to a user-listing has been made easier. Use Shift+Click to select multiple in a go
– You can now set repeat cycles for Date Alerts (custom attribute)
– Member detail page has been enhanced to list all checked out Assets and Asset Stocks in tabular format



Work on Builders’ Creed has started. We’re aiming to have the release by April. In Builders’ Creed we’re upgrading our infrastructure to provide next generation experience and speed. A revamped mobile experience is also part of the package.

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