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How Can Fixed Asset Management Software Barcode Feature Help Your Business


What is a fixed asset management software barcode feature

Barcoding systems are ideal partners for asset tracking solutions. This time-tested technology fuses perfectly well with fixed asset management software to reduce errors, financial resources and labor time. Nothing can be more critical to effective management of fixed assets than starting off with an accurate fixed asset inventory. Without it, no matter how much effort you put in the form of added processes, controls or correct calculations, you cannot ensure the accuracy of fixed asset accounting. There is only one way to validate and verify information on the fixed assets and that is by conducting a physical inventory.

Barcode technology provides your business with immense accuracy and flexibility than the traditional asset management ever can. Barcode systems are widely used for the purpose of tracking assets but the barcode system cannot work on its own to scan and label items in physical inventories, or as they move from one location to another. The barcode asset tracking software serves as the system that employs the scans and labels to provide you with up-to-date information about the whereabouts of your assets. It allows you to find out what assets are going to be needed in the near future on the basis of reservations.

How does fixed asset management software barcode feature help businesses?

1. Get smarter and more cost-effective with barcoding systems

smartphone based fixed asset management software barcode

Industries can certainly gain advantage from scan-based inventory and asset management as it speeds up processing of transactions and cancels out errors but without incurring associated hardware cost. Barcode scanners sure are one of the most frequently used equipment but the use of a smartphone is quickly catching up and replacing barcode scanners. Even though barcode scanners are efficient, reliable and durable but pocket devices are less costly and can be used for a variety of functions. Companies don’t have to make an additional investment into scanners.

Smartphones serve as a more cost-effective and reliable way of scanning assets.

With barcoding technology at hand to scan inventory, allows employees to make use of smartphone they already have in their pockets to process asset and inventory transactions. Smartphones endow you with all the advantages of mobile computers. You can track your assets no matter where they are. They can be at remote locations, on the service van, in the office or even in the field. You can scan, access and collect information from the central database anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, the built-in camera lets you attach an image to the asset transaction.

Not to mention fixed asset management software barcode functionality immensely minimizes employee training time. It just takes minutes for your employees to master the handheld scanner for reading barcodes. Not just that, employees don’t need to become familiar with an entire pricing or inventory procedure. This means employee training becomes less expensive because you don’t have to appoint another employee to train your staff and end up paying the trainer extra money for the job.

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2. Collect accurate data by tagging your assets

data manager fixed asset management software barcode

Barcodes are incredibly versatile. They are not just meant for libraries and grocery stores anymore. From tracking expensive equipment in different industries to tracking textbooks in schools, the tech world is becoming more and more sophisticated with how they allow you to track information every single day. You can use them with any kind of necessary data collection. It could be inventory or just pricing information.

The fixed asset management software barcode feature maintains a record with every scan round the clock and generates useful asset reports

Does your company own multiple fixed assets that are almost identical or actually identical? Isn’t it just too easy to make mistakes with such assets and create a mess? You might create duplicate asset record or simply fail to dispose of the right asset when identical assets are retired. The cost of such human error is huge. Every year, it costs a total of £18.7 billion for UK and USA combined. Automation through fixed asset management software barcode feature is the answer.

The best solution is to tag each of your assets with a unique identifier in the form of barcode labels. Labels are a vital part of fixed asset management that is not given much attention. They tend to speed up the inventory process by utilizing handheld scanning technology that scans and records each barcode within seconds with all the data being recorded in a central database. You can then access all the asset information in real-time.

3. Barcode labels are flexible with locations

It may be simple and easy to attach barcode labels to fixed assets that are placed in a neat and clean environment but what to do with assets which are located in places where this is high amounts of dirt and dust levels? You are going to need durable barcodes that can be scanned even when they are covered up or partially damaged. And barcode labels certainly give you that option. You can easily find the right fit for your assets by assessing the type of asset and environment in which it will operate.

For instance, outdoor fixed assets need labels that can bear exposure to water or temperature variations. You can choose from different kinds of barcode labels. If you require high visibility, foil labels are easy to read and they stand out. In case you have expensive assets like the latest laptop or a furniture and you want to fail all attempts for it to be stolen, you can go for labels that break when someone tries to remove it. It prevents labels from being tampered or moved. Equipment and machinery in the certain operating environment require labels that can withstand extremely high temperatures like 250° and above. There is always a barcode label out there that suits your needs!

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EZOfficeInventory – Take control of your fixed assets!

Barcode solutions have quickly become a top industry preference for a reason. They are not just easy to use but have a broad array of applications and demonstrate return on investment. Barcodes can’t do that alone. It is the entire barcode management system that has to come into play to help businesses save money and make more profits. That is where EZOfficeInventory comes in.

EZOfficeInventory is a perfect mix of barcode system and asset tracking software that allows fixed asset managers to efficiently manage, track and report on fixed assets throughout their useful lives. Along the way, managers enjoy the advantage of increased visibility into the condition and location of fixed assets. When the barcode feature combines with fixed asset management, the result is better planning for assets you need and more efficient utilization of the existing assets.

Our fixed asset management solution will help your company calculate monthly fixed asset transaction records, eliminate duplication of work, track assets by location, produce meaningful management reports and allow well-informed acquisition of new assets. Its aim is to supersede the use of spreadsheets and satisfy the business needs of your organization.

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EZOfficeInventory is a scalable fixed asset tagging software that partners with barcode scanning technology to help you build a thriving repository of knowledge about your assets – helping you know exactly what you have. This, in turn, will enable you to make better decisions about how these assets affect your bottom line.

Want to learn more about our fixed asset management software barcode feature?

EZOfficeInventory is a leading fixed asset management software used by different companies around the world. Let the duo of a powerful barcode feature and fixed asset tracking software do the magic for you with increased profit margins and smooth business operations!

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