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Fixed Asset Tracking Software Small Business: What Is It And How Does It Help Your Business?


Embrace the new technology: Time to ditch the spreadsheet

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For a small business, losses incurred through poor asset management practices tend to have a domino effect and leave a long-lasting impact on the turnover. So, what exactly are you as a small organization doing wrong? One of the reasons for frequent down performance may be obsolete asset tracking strategies. Gone are the days, when your business could sustain itself being run by spreadsheet-oriented asset management. Cloud computing is the best thing to happen to small businesses and is predicted to rise in the coming years. But what does this entail regarding asset tracking for your firm?

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In order to compete with other small businesses and large companies, it is imperative that you consider investing in an asset tracking software. This software not only is cost effective but lets you take control of all business matters through a single application right on your smartphone. If your business is suffering from instances of inaccurate information or feels limited with the use of spreadsheets, it’s time to switch to a tracking system which offers you:

  1. Easy and user-friendly access
  2. Accurate information through real-time management processes  
  3. Diverse functionality by use through mobile applications  

Any organization regardless of size could really use these perks up pull up their profits. Fixed asset tracking software small business lets you take advantage of all these features to achieve yearly targets and much more.

Let’s explore what the fixed asset tracking software small business has to offer to your firm:

1. Control all asset activities through your dashboard

One of the key challenges a small business face is having limited resources. Oftentimes, it happens that you fail to supervise what your employees are up to. To enable efficient execution of daily tasks it is important that they are being supervised constantly. This works in the favor of your business as it becomes easy to spot any malpractices there and then. In order to achieve this level of data transparency, fixed asset tracking software for small business allows you to maintain a log of all events through an availability calendar. This comes in extremely handy as you can instantly check the current status of all your tools and machines. You know exactly where Tool XYZ is being utilized and by whom. Maintain a dashboard of all work operations to carry out streamlined management processes.

event manager fixed asset tracking software small business

Keep a track of asset events through your tracking software

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2. Implement a rigorous employee management system

Tracking software programs come packed with a variety of features suited to your business needs. Being a small business, it is tough to devise costly strategies to oversee employees as well as assets. But, luckily for you, a fixed asset tracking software small business makes this easier for you. In addition to taking care of your tools and machines, it offers to supervise your staff as well. What could be more exciting than this? You don’t need to hire extra resources to make sure your employees are doing their jobs. Asset tracking software has a separate segment allotted to user management. Using this feature, you can assign tasks to your workers, supervise the daily progress and control accessibility as well. Such practices empower you to run flawless employee management practices to increase productivity.

Did you know? Employee engagement activities help companies enjoy 26% greater annual increase in revenue.

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3. Enable automatic service sessions for seamless workflows

Whenever your company acquires more capital, the next step is to develop maintenance routines. The reason being simple. The best way to optimize asset usage is to maintain them in good shape. If your tools are breaking down every now and then, your business is likely to suffer. Even if you are operating on a small scale, it might get tedious to organize repair and maintenance sessions for different types of assets. For this purpose, fixed asset tracking software small business lets you automate maintenance processes. This basically allows you to generate service tickets and keep track of all vendor-related data. You can send alerts in advance to schedule maintenance events on time. Automation in the repair department accelerates efficiency and prolongs the useful life of your assets.  

maintenance manager fixed asset tracking software small business

Timely maintenance events keep your assets in good shape

4. Prepare actionable reports to analyze performance  

For any business to succeed, it is necessary that it learns from its weaknesses and builds upon its strengths. This is only possible if a company keeps track of its performance all year round. For small-scale organizations, which don’t have many resources to spare, there is a one in all solution package. Fixed asset tracking software small business allows you to generate customized reports. These reports are based on the performance charts of your tools and machines. Not only this, but you can also prepare utilization history of any specific assets if need be. This comes in extremely handy and lets you decipher where you are lagging behind. Get hands-on analytical data to forecast future patterns today.

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Accelerate asset productivity with EZOfficeInventory

The first five years are the hardest to survive, regardless of business size. But for a small business, it becomes even tougher as it has to operate on limited resources. A smart company, in this case, would choose to invest its resources wisely and raise its revenue while minimizing costs. One way to go about this is to opt for a sophisticated asset tracking software such as EZOfficeInventory. This software comes with supercharged features specially designed for a small business. It offers to cater to multiple factors and deliver improved results within limited time.

By using EZOfficeInventory, small firms can track locations of their assets all the time everywhere. While this is tough to do manually, a cloud-based fixed asset tracking software small business makes this job easier for you. Adapting the barcode technology, EZOfficeInventory allows you to create labels and tags for all your assets. You can then use these labels for easy checkouts at various locations.   

In contrast to outdated means of asset tracking, EZOfficeInventory grows along with your business. It molds according to the needs of a small business and provides you a unique experience. As your business expands, the software has the ability to scale up quickly as well. You no longer need to continuously change management software every now and then. Stick to EZOfficeInventory for a guaranteed improvement in business productivity.

How to improve performance through fixed asset tracking software small business?

EZOfficeInventory is a fixed asset tracking software designed to cater to small businesses and organizations to help them run smooth work operations and generate higher revenues.

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