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Confirm Item Availability and Take Quick Actions with Check Availability in EZOfficeInventory


During daily business operations, it can be challenging to track equipment availability at all times.  In situations where a Cart has to be checked out for an important Project, users may find it repetitive to check the Details page again and again for the availability status. Especially in busy schedules, checking item availability can turn into a redundant task taking up time for employees.

Users can now directly search for Asset, Asset Stock and Inventory directly from the Top Navigation Bar under the new Check Availability feature. Simply by entering the Item name, Asset Identification Number (AIN) or scanning the asset, users can quickly view whether the item is available during the requested time frame. 

Instant access to Item availability saves time spent in step by step checkouts during tight deadlines. Users can also expedite workflows by  multiple actions directly from the Dashboard with the Check Availability button. 

Step 1: Search for Items

Go to the Navigation Top Menu Bar -> Calendar Button -> Check Availability.

An overlay will appear asking you to enter the item you want to search for. Here you can enter any Asset, Asset Stock or Inventory item. Alternatively, users can also search for an item by scanning its barcode. 

Note: The To and From Date cannot be in the past. Users can only search for an Item in the future. 

When you search for an Asset, availability will be shown in three ways:

Not Available : 


Note: Status of overdue items depends on the settings selected in Availability of Overdue Items under Company Settings. 


In case you choose a date that lies between the Reservation dates for an Item, the Check Availability search result will show Limited Availability:

Note: The Checkout duration in Check Availability is based on the Default Return and Date Time set under Company Settings. 

For Asset Stock and Inventory, the search will display the quantity available to Checkout:

Step 2: Take Actions in Check Availability

With the Check Availability button, users can directly go to the Details page, Add to Purchase Orders, Checkout and Add to Cart. 

Step 2.1: Go to Item Details page

For any Item in Check Availability, you can directly go to the Items Details page from the Go To Item button: 

Step 2.2: Add Items to Purchase Orders

In addition to this, you can add the Item directly to a Purchase Order by clicking the Add To PO button. An overlay will appear asking you to select an existing Purchase Order or create a new one:

If you wish to create a new Purchase Order, you can choose a vendor and hit Create. 

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Step 2.3: Checkout Items

In case you have disabled the Carts module, the Check Availability search results will only display the Checkout button:

Once you click the Checkout button, you can fill in the details and confirm your Checkout:

Step2.4: Add Items to Carts

When the Carts module is enabled, users will be able to add the Item to an existing Cart from the Add to Cart Button:

After you add the Item to Cart, you can view it on the Carts details page:

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