Carry Out Smarter Checkouts With Item Recommendations For Carts

Our Cart Module empowers you to stay on top of your jobs and events by greatly simplifying equipment check-ins and checkouts. It enables you to check out related items in bulk for multiple projects, saving you time. Reserve or check out Carts for the duration of the events and check items back into your repository once the events or tasks are over. 

We have enhanced our Cart module by introducing Item Recommendations for Carts. This feature uses artificial intelligence to identify items that are normally checked out together. It highlights any missing equipment for specific business activity. 

This way, you never miss out on an important piece of equipment while checking out items for a job. You can make more informed and smarter checkouts by looking at previous checkout patterns. Item recommendations increase the discoverability of your business assets.

Let’s walk you through this feature and show how it works!1

1. Enable Add On

To enable item recommendations, you must first enable its Add On. In this pursuit, go to Settings  → Add Ons → Item Recommendation for Carts (Beta) → Select ‘Enabled’ and hit ‘Update’ as shown:

Note: This feature is currently in Beta. You can only enable it if you’re on a Premium plan or above.  

2. Item Recommendations in Action

Once you have enabled the Add On, you will start to see a list of recommended items on your ‘Current Cart’ page after you’ve added an item to your current Cart.

Let’s say, you work in an advertising agency and have to check out AV items for a photo shoot. If you add a camcorder in your Cart, EZOfficeInventory will automatically suggest a list of related AV items like camera batteries, photographic printers, tripods and more camcorders as shown below.

Click on ‘Add Cart’ under the relevant item to add it to your current Cart. 

You can always toggle between ‘Show/Hide Recommended Items’ if you wish to change the visibility settings of suggested items.

Carry out smarter checkouts with our item recommendations for Carts and speed up your checkout processes.

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