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Jingle Bells – Holiday season feature release


Happy holidays from everyone here at EZOfficeInventory. Hope you’re having an amazing time.
The promised holiday season feature release “Jingle Bells” is now live. Do send us your feedback when you try out the new features.


Availability Calendar: Now in a single glance you can see which items are available and which aren’t. With this enhancement, we visualize necessary information so you can make quick decisions when checking out, approving reservations, or making procurement decisions. To enable this feature go to Settings -> Add-Ons -> Enable Availability Calendar.


Members’ Pictures: Do you have a large team? Use their pictures to identify who checked out what. You can now upload a display picture with every member in your account. More enhancements will follow in subsequent releases!


Reservations Requests: Previously we only allowed direct reservations i.e. all members could reserve items straight away. These reservations can restrict other users from checking out assets if date conflict is enabled and required an administrator to actively cancel reservations that were not approved. Now we’re introducing an arbitration layer to the process where staff users can “request” a reservation.


Packages Supercharged: Do you checkout a bunch of items together as a kit? e.g. a laptop, a bag and accessories. Packages enable doing exactly this, with a single action applying on all items contained in it. In this release, we have significantly enhanced Packages so you can reassemble (make or break) them with utmost ease. The overall user experience has also been enhanced with contextual help and queues.


Enhancements in Reports: Utilization and service reports have been improved. The utilization report and chart help you to analyze how assets are being used across your organization. You can track frequency and duration of checkouts of items to better plan and maximize ROI. Service reports have been simplified as well to make data crunching on maintenance and services easier.


And more…
There is more in this release for you to explore.
a) History events have been consolidated into a single button for easy access
b) Counts in Compact View have been made clickable so you can easily pull up the available items
c) Stock History has been improved to show who took the action and for whom


In January 2015, we’re releasing Confetti Shower
There are many interesting features lined up for our upcoming releases. Some of them are listed below. We’ll be tackling a few in Confetti Shower.
a) A filter to drill down to list items that are Available During a Specified Date Range
b) A new type of option in arbitration checkin/out setting. We’re calling it Pre-approved Usage. It allows you to mark off some reservations as approved which can then be checked out by arbitrated staff users but only for the requested duration
c) Significant enhancement to Bundles to allow for more flexible grouping of items
d) Quick Filters with every column in the item listing

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