Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Get Actionable Insights and Streamline Ticket Management with Jira Reports in EZOfficeInventory


Admins need detailed insights into their service management activities to ensure seamless and fast issue resolution. EZOfficeInventory’s Jira integration enables you to run comprehensive Jira issue reports for Assets and Asset Stock that you may have linked to your Jira tickets.

By consolidating the information related to items linked with Jira tickets, EZOfficeInventory offers  enhanced visibility, consolidated information, and actionable insights. This helps you gain insights into your workflows, track ticket progress and mean ticket resolution time, and create customized reports based on your needs.

Here’s how to get started: 

1. Enable Jira Reports

Go to Settings → Add Ons → Jira Integration and select ‘Enable Jira Reports’. 

As you enable the reports, you will be able to view the link for Webhook. 

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2. Configure Webhooks

Go to the Jira app → Settings→ System. 

From the System page, go to Webhooks 

From here, click on the ‘Create New Webhook’ as shown below:

For a new Webhook, enter the Webhook name and URL. The URL is available in the Settings → Add Ons→ Jira Integration. 

When creating a new Webhook, you need to specify a JQL query under ‘Issue related events’ as labels in (ezofficeinventory) 

After adding the label, check the updated box under Issue column as shown above and hit Create. 

3. Run Reports in EZOfficeInventory

Once the Webhook is created, you can go ahead and run the Report in EZOfficeInventory. 

The Report will look like this:

You can also create a Custom Report for Jira. Go to Reports → Custom Reports. Select the module you want to run the Report for and check ‘Jira Issues’. 

 Choose the required columns for the Custom Report

The Custom Jira Report will look like this:

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