Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs May 2020 Release Notes

EZOfficeInventory Release Notes May 2020


EZOfficeInventory’s May edition of the release notes is packed with exciting announcements! We’ve launched our new UI that makes asset management even simpler. You can also enable employee ID logins, automatically recur reservations, and upload images with reports. Read the complete May 2020 Release Notes to learn more!

1. New EZOfficeInventory UI

The EZOfficeInventory team is excited to announce the launch of our new, redesigned interface. Over the past few months, we listened carefully to our customers and conducted extensive testing to deliver an improved user experience. The new design is highly intuitive — it’s easier than ever to navigate the system. We look forward to your feedback!  

2. LDAP Enhancements

Syncs users via employee IDs from your LDAP directory. You can also enable employees to log in with their employee IDs instead of email addresses. This will enable more convenient logins so your team can access asset data faster.

3. Recurring Reservations

Schedule repeat reservations months in advance and save time. With recurring reservations, you can automatically repeat reservations by days, weeks, months, or days of the week, and always ensure you have the right equipment for all your events.

4. Data Export Enhancements

Download your EZOfficeInventory reports along with item display pictures. Our new XLS Data Export allows you to view images along with item details so referencing to your inventory is easy and you can analyze data better.

That’s all for now folks! For more assistance on our asset management software, reach out to us at

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