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EZOfficeInventory Blogs Member Settings Enhancements

Gain Better Control of Your Team with Enhanced Members Settings in EZOfficeInventory


The EZOfficeInventory team has launched multiple enhancements to the Members settings, making it easier to efficiently manage your teams. Designed to provide flexibility and control to Account Owners, these enhancements will enable more accessible member logins. Now you can separately control the default Members settings and Alerts for user provisioning applications including Google Workspace, SCIM and LDAP. 

What has changed?

Before these enhancements, you needed to go to Company Settings → Member Settings and choose the default permissions for user provisioning apps. 

With the new updates, the Member Settings for each of the user provisioning apps will be listed under Settings → Add Ons → Google Workspace Integration/SCIM Integration/ LDAP Integration. 

This change will not affect your current Member permissions and do not require any configuration.  

Here is how you can set up individual Member settings for user provisioning apps:

Google Workspace

If you haven’t enabled Google Workspace, you can set it up through these steps:

Go to Settings → Google Workspace Users Integration → Enabled

Once you enable the Integration, an overlay will appear asking you to set the default settings and Alerts for new Members:

Select and click Save to enable these settings. 

If you want to later update or change these settings, you can do so via the ‘Configure Member Sync Settings’ option. 

Clicking this option will pop up the Google WorkSpace Sync Settings overlay again where you can update settings. 

If you have already enabled Google Workspace, you will be able to select the settings as shown below:

Note: The Members settings for existing users will remain intact while the new users will have these new settings applied. 


Following the same workflow, enable User Provisioning via SCIM. 

Enabling User Provisioning via SCIM will prompt  an overlay where you can select default settings and Alerts for new users. 

Select and click Save to enable these settings. 

If you want to later update or change these settings, you can do so via the highlighted option shown below.  

Clicking this option will pop up the SCIM Sync Settings overlay again where you can update settings. 

For already enabled SCIM settings, here is how you can select Member settings:


Please follow the same workflow as that mentioned for Google Workspace and SCIM to configure settings for LDAP.  

When you enable the integration, the following overlay will pop up asking you to set the default Member sync settings.

For users who have enabled LDAP member settings will appear as follows:

Customize Member Settings and Alerts during Excel Import

You also have more flexibility to choose the relevant Member settings while uploading via Excel.  Go to the Members Listing page → Import Members→ Add New Members.

While mapping the columns, you will see the highlighted members settings shown below:

These will display the options selected under Company Settings for Members. By default, these settings are locked. You can unlock them via the ‘Click here’ button. Once enabled, you will be able to select your required settings. 

Note: These settings can be changed and applied to individual imports. Any information that is included in the columns during that particular import will take precedence over existing default Company Settings. 

Mass Action: Disabling Alerts for Members

To disable Alerts for multiple Members, go to the Members Listing page and select the required  Members.  Click on Actions → Disable Alerts. This action will stop Alerts to the selected Members. Once disabled, if you want to re-enable Alerts for Members, you will need to take that action directly from the Members Details page. 

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