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Nested Subgroups in EZOfficeInventory


You can now view all your Item Group and Subgroup hierarchies with the tree view in EZOfficeInventory.

Subgroups help define precise categories for all your items so you can look them up based on all kinds of specifications. With EZOfficeInventory, create however many Subgroups and hierarchical levels within groups as you like.

The benefits of Item Group Hierarchies

Here’s how this helps companies optimize their processes.

  • Since every group can have its own visibility level, you are able to utilize groups and subgroups for different purposes under the same umbrella.
  • For large teams, subgroups make it easier to specify permissions and access. This is useful when User Listings are enabled in the Company Settings.
  • Subgroups make it easier to manage people and control visibility. You can give people different permissions depending on their group association.

1. Create a Subgroup

  • Go to Groups → <Group Name> → Add Subgroup.
  • A dialog box will appear that gives you the option to nest this Subgroup (as a child Subgroup) under another Subgroup (aka parent Subgroup).
  • To assign assets to groups or subgroups, go to the Item details page from Items → Assets. Here, select an Item and click ‘Edit’. You can also associate groups with items when adding new items in the system. The same method can be applied to asset stock and inventory items.

Learn more about organizing groups in EZOfficeInventory.

2. View Subgroups

Nested Subgroups are mapped in the Groups→<Group Name> → Subgroups.

Clicking a subgroup in the list view will take you to its page where you can view all nested subgroups associated with it. You can also expand or collapse subgroups to alter your view.

Please note, nested subgroups do not affect the workflow of User Listings.

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