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How mobile technology is reforming the business world?

The trend of enterprise mobility has been on the rise for organizations worldwide. But what exactly does this mean for your business? Enterprise mobility is a term which describes the action of employees being able to work from anywhere anytime with the help of a variety of devices and applications. Being a part of the market, your company is bound to adopt such practices sooner or later. Research material suggests that the global mobile workforce is predicted to reach $1.75 Billion and form 42% of the total global workforce. This mobility is expected to have positive impacts on the business rate of return of investment and customer engagement.

What implications does mobility have for your company?

The reason why enterprise mobility is becoming so popular is due to the heavy use of smartphones all around the world. Mobile applications make work faster and easier. They allow your employees to carry out daily tasks efficiently and boosts overall productivity. If your company specializes in fieldwork, then it is important that you invest in a robust software to streamline your workflows. When your business takes place out on the field, it gets tough to manage everything from within the office. So how do you keep your workers engaged and track your assets at the same time? A cloud-based asset tracking and tool inventory application does comes with multiple supercharged features geared towards making your mobile business grow!

Brief yourself with these functions for seamless inventory management out on the field:

1. Track fleet deployed to different locations

As a construction business, you must have hundreds of vehicles moving in and out of your building. While you do have an idea about where your vehicles are being used, it is quite possible that office equipment is being used for non-official purposes. If you are struggling with this problem, it is time to take action against this and make it stop as soon as possible.

Asset tracking software comes with a location management feature for all your equipment. With the help of this software, you can add details for asset usage. So, whenever your employees check out the fleet for work out on the field, you can get instant updates about the location of the vehicle. This is extremely convenient for mobile health services as well. By adopting this practice, you can reduce unauthorized usage and route deviations. With constant tracking, you can also eliminate unplanned stops and irregular driving patterns. As a result, you can not only cut down on costs but make sure your fleet is being used for the tasks it is meant for.  

fleet management via asset tracking software

Supervise fleet movements through instant location updates

2. Ensure seamless tasks on the field through frequent maintenance

Despite being extra cautious, when it comes to handling equipment you still find yourself facing prolonged equipment downtime. This can bear enormous losses for your company especially when your tools break down out on the field. Say, for instance, you are working in a remote area where you do not know any repair center nearby. You would have to wait for someone from the company to bring replacement or spend hours looking for a service store. In the case of mobile healthcare providers where an emergency medical action is required, a delayed response can cost a lot more than just extra time. You can avoid all this through by keeping your assets in good shape.

With the help of asset tracking software, you can schedule maintenance alerts for your equipment. This way you will be able to lower the chances of equipment downtime out on the field. When your tools are in the right condition for the job, your employees will be able to complete their daily tasks faster. Organized work routines with optimized asset usage increase productivity as well!

routine maintenance management via asset tracking software

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3. Get customized labels for streamlined asset management on the move

It is quite normal for a construction company to carry out more than one project at a time. When you start off your day, you will find employees heading out for various locations for their respective jobs. Once out on the field, the chances of asset misplacement or theft are very high. If you lose a valuable piece of equipment out on the field, you might be forced to halt the business operations for the day until a replacement comes in.

What if you could tag your assets in such a way so that you know which tool is supposed to go where? You can do this by creating customized asset labels for your construction tools and inventory. This is extremely efficient for easy reference when you are working on the field. These labels take the form of a barcode which can store detailed information about an asset. You just have to scan the asset tags to get access to comprehensive data about the function of an asset in the project. This way you can keep all your assets safe for your construction jobs.

4. Reserve your assets and prepare carts for swift checkouts

Pre-planning your daily activities always pays off and enables you to complete all assigned tasks on time. In order to meet your deadlines, it is necessary that you have the required tools and equipment whenever you need them. When your job is highly mobile, you find yourself traveling to various locations for work. During such situations, it becomes mandatory to arrange for assets in advance. Asset tracking software lets you do exactly this and that too well before the date of your event.

You can reserve assets for the designated date of your project to avoid last minute inconveniences. Seamless booking is possible through reserving multiple assets in a single cart for your executive business project. This way you can add all the equipment you need for your job at a single place and have it ready to go!

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Carry out business operations efficiently on the move with asset tracking mobile app!

To keep up with the latest trends in the market, you need to invest in the right tools for your business. Bearing in mind the implications of increased mobility, it is imperative that you choose a robust software which has the ability to scale up quickly. To help you make the most out of your in-house and on-the-go company, asset tracking software comes with a handy mobile app which caters to your needs. This allows employees to perform their jobs seamlessly even when out on the field. Get instant notifications and make regular changes to schedules as you require. Start using asset tracking software to meet your business objectives today!

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What’s more to asset tracking software?

EZOfficeInventory is the leading asset tracking software used by mobile enterprises worldwide for streamlined equipment management and optimized performance.

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