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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs Purchase Order Feedback

Run Seamless Purchase Orders with Feedback System in EZOfficeInventory Purchase Request Approval


To enable a more streamlined purchase order process, EZOfficeInventory has introduced the feedback system. Whenever a faulty purchase request is received by an admin, they do not have to reject it right away. Instead the admin can add comments and re send the purchase request (PR) to the requester. This way the requester can edit the request and send it for approval again. 

Step 1: Request PR revision

Go to the relevant PR details page → More → Request Revision.

When you click request revision an overlay will appear asking you to add additional comments:

Once you send for revision, the PR will be moved to the Review Required state and the comment will be visible on the details page. 

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Step 1.1 Send Purchase Order Request to Specified Approver

In order to practice streamlined control, users can also set selected approvers to receive requests for a PO.

Go to Settings → Add Ons →Purchase Orders →Allow staff users to create PO requests → Only send PO requests to the specified approver. Here you can also select PR approver for this setting.

Step 2: Send PR revision alerts

Whenever the admin requests revision for a PR, it is important to notify the relevant staff user. This can be done by setting up Alerts. Go to Alerts → My Alerts → Purchase Orders. 

Step 3: View PR request history

For a single purchase request, all revisions requested can be seen under the Events tab. 

Similarly, you can view Purchase Order history from the Details page → More → History → Purchase Order History 

Step 4. Comments and Mentions

Users can now add comments with mentions at the end of the Purchase Orders Details Page to notify other users of a certain action. To enable the settings, Go to Company settings → Add Ons → Mentions

Once you enable the settings, you will be able to mention other users by typing @username.

Note: Mentions is applicable to all Assets, Asset Stock and Inventory.

The user will be notified of the mention by clicking on the bell icon on the dashboard. Click on ‘Mentions’ from the dropdown and you will be directed to the mentions listing page for further details.

Step 5. Run reports

You can also run reports with Purchase Orders to display the State. Go to Reports → Purchase Order Line Items and run Report. The report will show a column of State of different purchase orders. 

Similarly for Custom Report, you can select the State column from Purchase Order Line Items.

Step 6. View notifications

Purchase Orders that have reviews requested can be viewed under Notifications.

When you click Purchase Order notifications, you will be able to view all POs that require review under the Review Required tab. This way you won’t miss out on any approvals. 

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