Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

[How-to] Set Up Tags for Reports in EZOfficeInventory? 


Reports tags in EZOfficeInventory allows admins and staff users to assign private and public labels for easy accessibility and organization. This feature is designed to provide seamless navigation by grouping together similar reports that have no other means of categorization. Tags are especially useful for custom reports as they can be labeled for clarity and quick retrieval. 

Benefits of Reports Tag 

Tag help consolidate and sort out Item Reports offering the following benefits for your organization:

1.    Efficient Information Management:  

The tagging feature enables employees to efficiently organize and categorize reports by projects, clients, or tasks. This streamlined approach saves time and effort by facilitating quick retrieval of relevant information from a large repository. 

2.    Enhanced Collaboration and Communication:

Tagging reports fosters better collaboration among teams by streamlining data sharing and retrieval processes. This feature facilitates improved communication and coordination across departments or project teams, promoting a more cohesive and productive work environment.

3.    Custom Report Management and Tracking:

The tagging functionality provides a systematic approach to managing custom reports, allowing employees to categorize and track personalized data insights efficiently. This capability ensures that users relying on custom reports can easily access and utilize relevant information, supporting better decision-making and operational effectiveness.

How to create and manage tags? 

Go to the Reports Listing page, there will be a ‘Tags’ button near the searh bar. 

Click on ‘+ Create New Tag’ to make a tag of your choice. 

Enter the Tag name, select the Reports you want to be tagged and decide whether it will be a public or private tag. Once done hit ‘Create’. 

You will be redirected back to the Listings page, where tags will be displayed against the selected Reports:

There is a filter option to allow you to view all tagged Reports together. Go to ‘Tags’ and select the desired filter:

Here are all the reports shown for the Jan 24-Custody filter:

Next you can manage all created tags as shown below:

An overlay will appear with the following options:

The first icon is the ‘Hide’ option which allows you to prevent a tag from appearing on the Reports Listings page. Next is the delete option and last in the Edit option. You can also create a new tag from this overlay.  

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