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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs Under The Scanner Feature Release August 2016

Under the Scanner – Feature Release August 2016


August has kept us very busy here at EZOfficeInventory. This month, we’ve rolled out some productivity-boosting features and other significant enhancements to our asset tracking software. You can benefit from our smooth cart workflows, seamless integrations, and a revamped mobile app that lets you do so much more on the go. We’ve also made auditing and maintenance management a lot more convenient, so you can prioritize and focus on what’s important to you. Read up on what’s in store for you in our latest feature release.


Improved Cart Workflow: Some major enhancements have been made to the cart module. These will empower businesses to better plan and manage events and jobs. Reserved cart items can now be edited on the fly. Items can be removed or added, giving businesses more control over their equipment management. Enable the ‘Cart Module’ from Settings -> Add Ons. Say you reserved items for an exhibition but underestimated the number of VR headgear you’d need. With the latest enhancement, last minute reservations to a cart are nothing to fret over. Now, adding the extra VR headgears is just a matter of looking them up and adding to the cart. Learn More


Supercharged Cart Module: Transfer new or drafted carts seamlessly between different locations. Move items between different locations from the Cart details page as many times as you want. This is useful in cases where equipment (as a cart) may be needed at a different location, say from the company HQ in San Jose to the CES exhibition in Vegas. These can be then shipped to San Jose, with the equipment manager transferring the entire cart to this new location. This comes into play when ‘Transfer of Stock’ is enabled from Settings → Add Ons. Also, you can now clone a cart (reserved, checked out, completed, cancelled, or moved) from its details page. Learn More


Enhanced Zendesk Integration: Services and maintenance in EZOfficeInventory can now be tracked using Zendesk tickets. These tickets can be viewed under an Item’s details page. You can now coordinate maintenance events across departments from a centralized location. For example, some of the VR headgear gets damaged at an exhibition. The booth operators create a service ticket in EZOfficeInventory for a repair/replacement. A ticket automatically gets created in the company’s Zendesk account operated by the IT department, which is immediately notified and takes reparative actions. You can also send multiple items for servicing via mass action and create a ticket in Zendesk via EZOfficeInventory. Enable ‘Zendesk Integration’ from Settings → Add Ons. Learn More

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Mass Action for Users against Audit Requests: Previously, if a staff user had a wide range of items checked out to him/her, it was rather difficult to acknowledge possession for everything in a scenario where scanning wasn’t enforced. We’ve worked on a feature which will eliminate equipment loss by verifying possession of multiple items (assets only). Say Company A loans out gaming consoles to some developers and they want to track these to make sure their IP isn’t compromised and the consoles don’t end up in the wrong hands. They can send out mass audit requests to track the condition or location of these consoles. If a developer has been issued 50 consoles, they can now verify possession and report the condition in a single step. Enable this feature from Settings → Company Settings → Audit.

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Service Triage: We’ve made an update to the way we do maintenance management. You can now set your account to automatically send assets into maintenance after an item is checked in. This will ensure that an equipment is always in the best state before it is checked out again. To enable this, go to Settings → Add Ons → Service Triage. You can set the service period here. This can either be enabled for all groups or for a specific group from its detail page. Once done, an asset will automatically be sent into maintenance for the duration specified after it is checked in. You can also disable Service Triage on a certain group of assets from its detail page.

More on our Asset Tracking Software…

Improved customization in the ‘Email Templates’ designer. Add placeholders for custom fields (date alerts only).
A widget to view the calendar ‘by cart’ has been added. Toggle between actionable metrics for carts and items and stay on top of which carts are coming in, going out or overdue on return.

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