Unexpected Downtime

At approximately 3:00 pm EST today, it was identified that the EZOfficeInventory application was not responding and had become temporarily unavailable. We’re sorry that you were not able to access your accounts temporarily. The service was brought back up at 6:25 pm EST.

CAUSE: We’re hosted on the AWS cloud and the EBS block’s throughput to our server went down drastically. This caused a pile-up effect on our app servers which initially led us to believe that we had an issue in our app server. We took down the service as a precaution (for security and data integrity) until we could figure out the root cause. Once the issue was identified, we restored the service.

Unexpected downtime events are extremely rare and closely monitored by our Cloud Services Team. As we do a post-mortem on this, we’ll work towards further improving our service up time.

We thank you for your patience and support.

EZOfficeInventory Team