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Introducing the Improved EZOfficeInventory x Zendesk Integration Design – Faster Actions, Powerful Control


The EZOfficeInventory team is excited to announce the new and enhanced interface for our integration with Zendesk. Designed to improve agent’s productivity, the new UI offers streamlined functionality for better, faster ticket resolution. 

What’s new?

You can access detailed information and take more actions, all from within the same window. The new interface will help increase productivity and add efficiency to the workflows of busy organizations.  

Here are some of the highlights: 

1.More information via larger EZOfficeInventory window

We have increased the size of the EZOfficeInventory app window in Zendesk. The bigger  window enables you to view your information at a single glance. 

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2. Complete item information on home screen

The updated design of the home screen facilitates quick navigation while keeping users in the same window. On launching the EZOfficeInventory app in Zendesk, you can now get a complete view of Item status via three separate tabs. These include Items Checked Out and Upcoming Reservations for the Requester as well as Linked Items to the ticket. 

Click on the desired section heading to view the details. As an example, clicking on the Items Checked Out opens up details as shown below: 

3. Intuitive and simplified card design

Previously, the EZOfficeInventory app only showed restricted information with half the size in the new design update. With the new UI, the search for Items displays more information in a bigger window making it easy to read and find the item you are looking for. Moreover, the new card design makes the Actions button actions clearly visible for simpler, faster workflows. 

Users can also directly link and unlink an Item to a ticket from the Link/Unlink button next to the Actions button. 

The enhanced interface also offers the ability to directly take multiple actions on Items linked to tickets. These actions include checkout, extending checkout, check in, as well as starting and scheduling a service. This capability has been designed to boost productivity for admins by making workflows more convenient and efficient. 

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4. Enhanced filters capability

Offering powerful search capabilities, the new interface includes a clearly visible search button at the bottom of the EZOfficeInventory window. Now users don’t have to scroll down to access the search button. The button can be used to look for any Item within the organization – regardless of whether it is checked out to the Requester or not.

For quick Item search, users can apply filters to refine results. 

The new filters enable users to run a granular search with a separate Available Items filter on the side. For instance, an IT admin wants to look for different IT devices at a location but at the same time they want to see only the Available devices. After selecting the relevant filters, the IT admin can easily click on Available Items to see the required results: 

5. Updated warning screen

The new Warning screen offers a new functionality related to  reporters:

No reporter case: If the ticket requester’s email  is not found in EZOfficeInventory, you can now open the Member Listings page in EZOfficeInventory and add details of the missing requester or member in EZOfficeInventory. 

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