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[How-to] Configure Zendesk ServiceDesk Alerts in EZOfficeInventory


As an admin manager if you would like to generate tickets within Zendesk, you can do so directly from EZOfficeInventory’s new ServiceDesk Alerts feature. Using this feature you can track and act on issues by delegating them to employees in your admin team. Doing so enables you to escalate issues quickly and follow up on them for streamlined management and efficiency.

1. Create the ServiceDesk alerts page

 ServiceDesk Alerts enable users to add alerts from all alerts available for an Admin.

Go to Settings→Add Ons and make sure that your EZOfficeInventory account is integrated with Zendesk. All users on EZOfficeInventory must be integrated with Zendesk as well. It is important to keep the following factors in mind while generating the ticket:

  • When selecting the requester, ensure that you choose the user who is generating the ticket while the assignee will be the Admin. 
  • If you don’t choose a requester, then by default the account owner becomes the requester. 

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2. Turn on the ServiceDesk Alerts

Now click on Alerts and then click on ServiceDesk Alerts.

Now you would be able to choose the email templates and the relevant actions you want the alerts to be generated for. The alerts you choose will automatically generate tickets in Zendesk. You can choose alerts for the following action items:

Note: Only the Account Owner can use this functionality to create ServiceDesk Alerts.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more about ServiceDesk Alerts in EZOfficeInventory

Click here to watch the full video series on EZOfficeInventory x Zendesk workflows.

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