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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs Zendesk Ticket Report

Generate Zendesk Ticket Reports with EZOfficeInventory


For streamlined maintenance events, admin managers require detailed service tickets reports. With the Zendesk integration in EZOfficeInventory, users can now generate Zendesk ticket reports for all types of assets and asset stock. 

Step 1:Enable the Zendesk Integration

Go to Settings → Add Ons → Integrate Zendesk. Here select View Reports of Zendesk Tickets. 

Read more: Zendesk’s Integration with EZOfficeInventory: Powerful Asset Tracking and Ticket Management Combined 

Step 2: Generate Zendesk Ticket Reports

To run your report, go to the Navigation Menu → Reports → Zendesk Reports. 

This will redirect you to the Zendesk Ticket Reports for all tickets generated in your account. 

Step 3: Generate Custom Reports for Zendesk Tickets

 You can also create a custom report with a column for Zendesk Tickets. Go to the Custom Reports Page and select Zendesk Tickets from in Step 1. This option is available for Items, Assets and Asset Stock. 

In Step 2, select the relevant columns you want to include in your report for all the modules. 

After completing Step 6, click run report. The custom report will display the Zendesk Ticket columns you selected earlier:

After enabling the Zendesk Ticket Report, a Trigger and Target will be set up in Zendesk.

Targets are pointers to cloud-based applications, such as EZO. It contains information about the request that Zendesk will send to EZO, information like URL, HTTP method, username / password, etc.

Triggers are business rules that we set to run immediately after tickets are created or updated. Triggers lead to actions.
In our case the trigger (Enabled Zendesk ticket reports) leads to an action (to send a request to EZO using Target) regarding the ticket update.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more about how to generate Zendesk Ticket Reports in EZOfficeInventory

Click here to watch the full video series on EZOfficeInventory x Zendesk workflows.

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