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Asset Intelligence and Management

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Case Study

International Entertainment Organization Reduces Costs and Improves Multi-Location Asset Tracking with EZOfficeInventory

Our customer is a rapidly growing entertainment company with operations in 15 countries. With a special focus on providing ticketing and booking services, the organization arranges an array of events including concerts, specialized musical nights, cultural events, and more. It provides a holistic platform for discovering live-entertainment opportunities in leading cities, and propagating entertainment culture by allowing people to explore the best events and local experiences.

The company has expanded to a growing list of cities around the globe, and aims to make it easier for consumers to find event information through a single platform (and to book tickets immediately and hassle-free), as well as connecting event organizers with audiences through high-visibility and easily searchable listings.

Adopting EZOfficeInventory for high-frequency check-ins and check-outs

This customer first adopted EZOfficeInventory in April 2022, aiming to enhance its asset visibility through a consolidated platform. One of the major issues faced by the company before deploying EZOfficeInventory was tracking thousands of assets distributed across widespread locations. The team could not keep a steady eye on its total assets, from their reservation schedule to their actual location and possession.

With EZOfficeInventory, the customer can now efficiently manage a wide range of assets thanks to the software’s check-in and check-out modules.

Their procurement specialist noted that the company can now keep track of those assets, “especially when they have to be moved across locations.”

Tracking IT inventory: Easier than Ever

EZOfficeInventory enables the organization to find out when an asset has been checked out to a certain location, and to whom, with a single click. The events team can determine easily what assets have been checked in, and are therefore available for use.This also makes it easy to know by location which assets are generally available, and which ones are in high demand or low in inventory. EZOfficeInventory also offers the capability to see what asset is overdue for check-in so that the person in possession of the asset can be contacted for its timely retrieval.

The range of assets managed by the company include conventional business equipment like mobile phones, but also ticket printers and QR code scanners for events. Their team needs uninterrupted visibility into these assets to successfully handle several events.

EZOfficeInventory allows the operations team to categorize different kinds of assets into groups. That makes it convenient for the company to check in and check out large collections of related assets. In short, EZOfficeInventory enables the organization to achieve its linked goals of efficient asset management and successful event execution.

Automating asset procurement through seamless asset tracking

The procurement specialist described how an inability to track assets became a problem for the company, when they had no system in place to cross-check the location or status of their IT investments.

“People at the top were worried about how much they were investing in the assets.”

That inability to track assets led to poor decision-making, when it came to procuring new equipment. Some assets were duplicated, and the company had trouble analyzing their total asset investment.

EZOfficeInventory has expedited its procurement process, and allowed the team to develop a strong mechanism to confidently track and classify assets. Now, they never lose sight of their IT equipment, and make better procurement decisions informed by the actual value of every device in their inventory.

The procurement specialist shed light on the importance of seamless asset tracking and management, saying “It is easier to see how much we have invested, and know how important it is to take care of assets.”

Further, she said, EZOfficeInventory has facilitated the optimization of asset purchases based on check-ins and check outs, and helped in analyzing the need to procure new assets. Since the events team itself handles most of the company’s assets, the team can quickly determine whether the right equipment is available for an upcoming event; if assets are insufficient, they can create timely purchase requests so the event can go off without a hitch.

Enhanced team coordination using custom roles

Although operations at the company were historically well-handled, EZOfficeInventory has streamlined them for higher efficiency. The procurement specialist further noted that the company’s interdepartmental coordination increased when departments could suddenly share asset management data. That means there is never a time clash while checking out needed equipment.

The company houses different teams, such as IT, events, office administration and procurement. EZOfficeInventory’s custom roles module made it significantly easier to devise roles for users based on their departments so that assets could be accessed according to role. For example, office furniture and peripherals are managed by users assigned to administrative roles. The media team can efficiently check out devices such as cameras when required to ensure their availability. This adds transparency and enhances assets’ security, because only authorized users can access certain devices.

The Value in EZOfficeInventory

As the organization grows, the need to have a useful platform for managing high-value assets increases. Following a smooth on-boarding experience with EZOfficeInventory, the company has been able to significantly reduce costs, and improve its overall response time to customer requests for event execution.

The specialist notes that the tool “is very intuitive and easy to use,” and praises, too, the available customer support.

EZOfficeInventory has eliminated the need for manual asset management systems, such as paper-based records, which are time-intensive and prone to errors. With EZOfficeinventory, this customer has leveraged automated asset collection, and developed a visibility into all of its assets.

Looking forward, the team is excited about new additions to EZOfficeInventory, such as improved custom reports. But with a core focus on the check-in, check-out and reservations features, the company has already been successful in building powerful foundations for smooth daily asset management.


  • Entertainment/ Media


  • 15 countries

Key Challenges

  • Incomplete investment records
  • High procurement cost
  • Lack of team coordination

Big Wins

  • Conflict-free check outs and reservations
  • Streamlined procurement workflows
  • Consolidated asset records

Favorite Features

  • Check in/ check out
  • Asset and location based tracking
  • Custom roles

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