Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

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Pygmalios’ Journey Towards Digitization with EZOfficeInventory

Pygmalios is a Slovakia-based technology company that offers analytics software to improve store performance. It all started in 2014 when the founders received a request to bring web tracking analytics to brick-and-mortar stores.

Today, its real-time in-store analytics platform provides actionable business steps for 400+ stores. Pygmalios provides these analytics by setting up multiple sensors across store locations and using the data to research consumer behavior.

The analytics are therefore dependent on their most valued possession – the sensors. These sensors are what initiated the search for a robust asset tracking system.

Here is Pygmalios’ journey towards digitization, as told by the system implementation director in charge of this adoption, Miroslav Duda.

Archaic processes Lead to Equipment Loss

Since the launch of the company in 2015, Pygmalios has been using Excel sheets to track their sensors. However, as the company continued to grow, Excel could no longer meet all their security requirements and was far too inefficient as a system.

Miroslav realized he needed to address Pygmalios’ dependence on error-prone, static spreadsheets to track the movement, use, and repair of the sensors.

Here are some of the challenges Pygmalios was facing due to their use of spreadsheets:

Loss of Equipment

Pygmalios had no way of actually tracking its sensors across dozens of locations. With Excel sheets, the company could only enter static, limited information into a spreadsheet but that didn’t ensure they knew the exact location of an asset at any given time. This inability to reliably track valuable equipment led to the company incurring losses.

Trouble Generating Reports

Generating business reports from Excel sheets is a tedious and inefficient process. The company first had to sift through sheets of data to find the relevant information and then had to run reports on it themselves. Also, Excel has very limited reporting capabilities and as the organization grew, it required more complex functions.

Lacking IT Security

While the company had not faced any security lapse, they wanted to move towards greater IT security. Traditionally all their information existed on a drive. Since all the sensors had their own IP and MAC addresses, ensuring the safety of this information was a top priority.

Pygmalios Moves Toward Increased Inventory Control

As the company expanded its operations, it needed to look for a more efficient solution to track equipment. When Miroslav realized that they had lost a few sensors, he realized it was time for a shift.

An extensive online search for a suitable asset tracking software led him to EZOfficeInventory. The software enabled him to generate custom reports, integrate with Zendesk, and create unlimited account users, thereby meeting all his prerequisites. The pricing itself was friendly and served as a final reason for signing up.

“The on-boarding process was very self-service, we didn’t have to reach out to support often for any problems. It’s a simple process after you sign up and the knowledge base is extremely helpful”.

Here is how things started improving for Pygmalios once they implemented EZOfficeInventory:

Improved Equipment Visibility Across Locations

EZOfficeInventory enabled Pygmalios to keep track of all their sensors much more efficiently. As items were tagged and tracked, the company could identify the exact location of a sensor at any time. This meant reduced instances of equipment loss.

Ability to Generate Custom Reports

Pygmalios needs to send out monthly reports on how many sensors they have per different vendors and support partners. These reports can easily be generated by using the multiple report templates available in EZOfficeInventory. They can also design custom reports built for their specific requirements and schedule the reports to be sent out automatically each month.

The Value in EZOfficeInventory

With all the necessary information about the sensors stored on one secure platform, Pygmalios was able to track equipment, generate reports, and measure core metrics – all from one place. The company is excited to try out more features, such as the Zendesk Integration, as they continue moving forward with EZOfficeInventory.


  • Information Technology & Services


  • Slovakia


Using Since

  • 2018

Key Challenges

  • Equipment losses
  • Insufficient IT security
  • Trouble generating reports

Big Wins

  • Greater equipment visibility
  • Improved reporting
  • Data security

Favorite Features

  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Zendesk Integration
  • Custom Reports

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