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EZOfficeInventory Case Studies Stony Brook Dermatology Associates

Case Study

Stony Brook Dermatology Uses EZOfficeInventory to Reliably Track Injectables Inventory

Stony Brook Dermatology

Stony Brook Dermatology Associates is part of the Stony Brook Medicine network which includes multiple medical schools, clinics and a hospital. An outreach department of Stony Brook Hospital, Stony Brook Dermatology Associates shares the larger network’s mission of providing the best, most cutting-edge patient care.

Based in New York, the facility offers multiple dermatological treatments, including, but not limited to, evaluations of rashes, eczema, psoriasis flares, acne and medications refills. The cosmetic dermatology department handles a high volume of expensive injectables and the need to reliably track these is what led them to EZOfficeInventory.

The need for centralized automated inventory management

Lauren Crociata, clinical nurse manager at Stony Brook Dermatology Associates, explains that they were previously using a manual system to track these injectables but it was causing confusion and inefficiencies.

The department stores their injectables in a cabinet. In the past they used an Excel sheet to track them. This meant that every time a team member removed inventory from the cabinet, they had to update the sheet. The record would later be updated in the main system. However, this workflow was not working efficiently at a busy medical practice. Staff members were fully focused on their core responsibility – providing the best care to patients. Tracking the injectables was not a top priority and they would often forget to make a note on the sheet.

“The count was always off and so we were looking for some sort of program that would help us, which is how we found EZOfficeInventory,” says Lauren.

Lauren tried and tested several solutions and conducted extensive online research before deciding on EZOfficeInventory. The selling point: Highly efficient and offered the functionality that met their needs.

Quick scans with mobile app lead to accurate record counts

Lauren and her team use EZOfficeInventory to generate QR codes for the inventory. Once the injectables are properly labelled, it is easy for the busy team to scan them on the go with the mobile app. This way the records are also automatically updated in the main system. This automation has made their process much more streamlined and the labels act as an effective trigger for the team – now they never forget to scan the box!

Also, the role-based access built into EZOfficeInventory makes it easy for the team to perform their tasks. For example, Lauren has administrative level access while the rest of the team have staff level access. This means the staff can easily use the mobile app to log in, scan the injectables, add any notes as required, and log out of the system. According to Lauren, this is the ideal level of access required for the staff members.

Enhanced efficiency with alerts

Maintaining optimal stock to quickly service patients is critical for smooth operations. This is where the Alerts capability is useful for Lauren since she receives Alerts for low stock items.

“For ordering purposes it has helped because we can see the availability so we don’t run out of anything,” says Lauren

She also receives an alert every time an injectable is removed by a staff member. It enables her to stay updated and gives her the ability to rectify any mistakes (double scanning) as multiple staff members scan items all day.

This is just another way EZOfficeInventory helps improve efficiency on a daily basis.

Improved staff productivity and accountability

Since EZOfficeInventory maintains a centralized, transparent account of all inventory, Stony Brook Dermatology Associates has seen enhanced employee productivity and accountability.

“People are more aware of what they are removing and using because now it is tracked in the system,” says Lauren

The system has also helped them consolidate and verify records across two locations. Lauren works at the main office but also monitors the injectables being used at their satellite office in the same county.

“I have my staff at both locations do a hard count of the product and email it to me weekly,” she explains.“ I can check that against the information in the system to make sure everything matches up, things didn’t get forgotten, and that what I am actually looking at is accurate.”

Customizing the system to enhance workflows

Lauren has found the customization capabilities within EZOfficeInventory to be particularly useful. The team uses Custom Fields extensively to add relevant details to each injectable. This includes information such as the patient’s name, medical record number, and the name of the doctor delivering the injectable etc. They are also able to customize printout templates by adding relevant information per their requirements. This ability to tailor the system to their practice is a major advantage of EZOfficeInventory.

“It helped us stay organized and get a better system in place so we are keeping better track of our inventory,” says Lauren

The staff at Stony Brook Dermatology Associates find the system intuitive and easy-to-use. The onboarding process was seamless and the staff adapted quickly. According to Lauren, the support team is always helpful if she has any questions or support requests. Any time she contacts them, the issue is promptly resolved by a product expert.

“I have been with Stony Brook for over eight years and the system has definitely helped us be more organized with everything,” concludes Lauren.


  • Healthcare


  • New York


Key Challenges

  • Inaccurate inventory count
  • Inefficient tracking via manual system
  • Lack of oversight on employee-inventory interaction

Big Wins

  • Accurate inventory count and tracking
  • Improved efficiency via QR code scanning
  • Enhanced workflows with customization

Favorite Features

  • QR code scanning
  • Custom Fields
  • Mobile app
  • Alerts

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