Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS Can I Apply Filters On The Asset Asset Stock Inventory Search Listings Page

Can I apply filters on the asset/asset stock/inventory search listings page?

For advanced research, you can filter the items after search or search after applying filters. Enter the asset you want to look for in the search bar. The search results will be displayed like this :


You can either choose filters from the ‘Additional Options’ or  select from the filter dropdown list. 


To choose from the filter dropdown list, click on ‘Assets(1)’ 

You will be redirected to this page, where you can select the required filter options from the dropdown list

Alternatively, you can choose filters before search to display specific assets. Go to the filter dropdown list and choose the required filter. 

For instance in the example below, we choose the filter ‘overdue assets’. These are the search results:

You can also choose more than one filter for specific search results. 


Note: This applies to asset, asset stock and inventory search listings pages.