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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS How Are Default Locations Used For Asset Stock And Inventory

How are Default Locations used for Asset Stock and Inventory?

Default Location is a location where inventory stock of any sort would generally be placed—it can be a warehouse, a storage space or even an office. Following this definition EZOfficeInventory has Default Locations so that the user doesn’t have to manually set the location when adding stock especially when that item is only present in that location. Let’s have a look at the workflows to get a better understanding of Default Locations.

Asset Stock and Inventory, both have a Default Location which is added at the time of creation. Whenever you add new stock, there is an option to select a Location:

The Location you select at the time of creating the Asset Stock is displayed on the details page:

The Default Location is displayed by default when you are adding new Stock. You can select other Locations if required:

Moreover, whenever you add Asset Stock to a Cart, the first option in the Locations dropdown would be the Default Location, however you can select other Locations.

Apart from this, Default Locations for Asset Stock are added to user listings and custom roles for stock visibility. For custom roles and user listings only those people given permission to that location scope will be able to see the items in that location. Read more about setting up Locations for Custom Roles.