Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS How Do I Create Really Small Barcodes To Attach To Small Tools

How do I create really small barcodes to attach to small tools

1. Only use numbers i.e. 0001 instead of alpha-numerics like AB0001, as they’re easier to read

2. Keep the size of the digits in the barcode minimal i.e. if you only have 10,000 items, use 4 digits

3. Use an external barcode reader instead of our mobile app, as they’ll use more efficient laser reading instead of our optical libraries e.g. Zebra or Honeywell scanners that support HID (most do). Get a Bluetooth one if you’d like to integrate with our mobile app or USB based if you’d like to use a laptop/desktop

4. Experiment with a piece of paper and a laser printer! You can use our Print Label designer to keep reducing the size. Be sure to add the barcode value into the asset AIN field.