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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS How Do I Import Images To Ezofficeinventory From Google Drive

Can I import images to EZOfficeInventory from Google Drive?

EZOfficeInventory supports importing images from Google Drive. However there is a certain format for importing images that has to be followed. By default the format for the google drive image link is[image_id]/view?usp=sharing. This link needs to be changed to (where image_id=1ltwlz8-GZ76Kc4GxAAk7s5967bzYg6br). 

You can change the link by following these steps:

Copy the Google Drive link you want to modify.

Locate the portion of the link that contains /file/d/.

After /file/d/, you’ll find the image_id in url. Keep note of this image_id.

Replace /file/d/ with /uc?export=view&id= in the link.

Remove the /view?usp=sharing part from the end of the link.

Once you’ve made these changes, the modified link will be in the desired format:

Use the modified link to share or use the Google Drive file as required.

You can enter these modified links in Excel for importing images for your Items.