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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS How To Give Individual Members Access To Company Settings And Add Ons

How to give individual members access to company settings and Add-ons?

Giving access for company settings to members allows multiple users to control settings based on your business’s requirements. In case more than one department uses the account, then several users require access to manage their department’s assets. In order to enhance user access to your account’s settings you can follow two ways: 

If you are allowing your members access to company settings at the time of creation of a new member, you can

  1. Go to Members → Create new member →  Select user role → Check the box “Give access of settings to this user” 

This method will enable the Administrator to alter the company settings without requiring further action by the account owner. In this scenario, access to the company settings will be restricted only to the user you have selected regardless of their role.  

Note: These settings can be changed at any time by editing the profile of the members. 

Another way to change the settings for individual users after a member has been created is by updating current user roles:

2.Go to Members → Roles → Permissions → Company settings → Check the box “View Company Settings and Add-ons” or “Update company settings and Add-ons” or both

Now, all your members with the selected user role will be able to change the company settings and Add-ons. 

Note: Only the administrators or a custom role with administrative role can make use of these options and allow other members to change company settings.