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EZOfficeInventory FAQS Im Getting The Error Failed To Create User In Application Name When I Import Members From My Active Directory To Ezofficeinventory Via Scim How Do I Fix This

I’m getting the error “Failed To Create User in {Application Name}” when I import members from my Active Directory to EZOfficeInventory via SCIM. How do I fix this?

Your Active Directory (AD) may fail to create members in EZOfficeInventory if the custom field(s) associated with members are mandatory but not specified in the AD platform. Hence, leading to the error “Failed to create user in {Application Name}”.

There are two ways you can bypass this error and successfully import your members from your AD into EZOfficeInventory:

  1. If the mandatory custom fields in your AD have unspecified values, make such fields non-mandatory.
  2. Alternatively, if you want to keep your custom fields as mandatory, follow these steps:
    – Provide a default value for the said custom fields e.g. the boolean custom field Insurance Covered (Yes/No) can have the default value “No” or the dropdown custom field Team can have the default value “Unspecified”.
    – Accurately map the mandatory custom fields in AssetSonar settings (Settings → Add Ons → User Provisioning via SCIM → SCIM Attributes).
    Ensure that mapped custom fields have all their values specified in Azure AD for a successful sync.

If the error persists, contact our Support team at