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EZOfficeInventory FAQS Incorrect Provisioning Of User Roles In Ad

How to resolve incorrect provisioning of user roles in Active Directory (AD)?

Incorrect mapping of roles from an Active Directory results due to a couple of reasons. There is a chance that custom roles are not enabled. In this case, the role via the AD will not change under any circumstances. Even if a new role is created in the AD it will be mapped as a staff user. 

Even if you have enabled custom roles, then there can be a problem with your mapping. 

In order to ensure correct mapping of roles when you have enabled custom roles, select the “Import Users to Custom Roles” option in the AD settings in EZOfficeInventory.  

Next, select how you would want the role to be mapped into EZOfficeInventory. For instance if you have selected the setting “Provision to Staff User” and the role does not exist in EZOfficeInventory, the role will be mapped as a staff user. To avoid incorrect provisioning, you can select “Do Not Provision”. This will simply send an error message to your AD that the role does not exist in EZOfficeInventory. 

For correct mapping while using custom roles, you have to copy the attribute from the AD into your EZOfficeInventory account. 

For instance, in this case your role is added in the Job title row in the AD, here the attribute to be copied is ‘title’

From here you can copy and attribute and paste it in the following row in EZOfficeInventory:

In case the ‘Role’ field is empty in EZOfficeInventory, roles will not be provisioned correctly. Similarly if the field besides the role does not contain any attribute the role will not be mapped in the right way.