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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS Record Limits For The Maximum Size Of A Report To Be Exported

What are the record limits for the maximum size of a report to be exported?

When you are exporting a report, either custom reports or system reports, different limit thresholds apply based on the report’s format and export type. Following are the limits: 

Export form Report type  Maximum limit of records 
Direct download CSV, PDF Having upto 500 records
Direct download XLS Having upto 200 records
Sent via email CSV Records between 500 to 30,000
Sent via email PDF Records between 500 to 5,000
Sent via email XLS Records between 200 to 20,000
Sent via email XLS with image column in report  Records between 200 to 2000

However, if you exceed the above-mentioned limits while exporting reports, you will receive a message informing you that the report will be sent to you shortly via email. 

There are two scenarios you should look out for when a report is sent via email:

  1. If the report you are exporting is a custom report and in CSV format, then you will be sent multiple reports including a maximum of 30,000 records in each. For example, if you have 50000 records, then you will be sent two reports: one containing 30000 records and the other containing 20000 records. 
  2. If the report is a system report and in XLS format having an image column, then multiple reports will be sent in batches of 500 including a maximum of 2000 records. For example, if you have 3000 records in this case, then you will be sent the first 2000 records in 4 emails each having 500 records. 

Note: There is no restriction on the maximum number of fields that you can add to a report.