Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS Someone At Your Organization Tried Accessing Your Ezofficeinventory Portal Through Saml But Could Not Log In To Fix This Verify That Your Integration Has Been Set Up Correctly

Someone at your organization tried accessing your EZOfficeInventory portal through SAML, but could not log in. To fix this, verify that your integration has been set up correctly.

A common issue is not having the Last Name and Email attributes configured in your SAML Set Up. To diagnose this:

1) Make sure EZOfficeInventory is getting the Last Name and Email for members. The relevant options are available under Settings → Add Ons → SAML.
2) Look for typos in the SAML Attribute Names added in EZOfficeInventory Settings. For example, if your SAML Attribute for the Last Name is last_name, it should be entered as such.
3) In most cases, the parameters/attributes are mapped in your preferred identity provider configuration settings. Otherwise, your service provider will ask you to map them.

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