Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS What Is The Difference Between Asset And Inventory In Ezoffice 2

What is the difference between asset, asset stock, and inventory in EZOffice?

Assets are items such as computers, cars, projectors, etc., that employees are likely to checkout and check-in. They have a long life and are not consumable like paper or office stationery.

Asset Stock refers to items which are used over a long period of time but are not tracked individually, e.g. cables and chairs.

Inventory are items that are temporarily stored in a warehouse, or have a limited shelf life. Large quantities of Inventory Items are typically purchased and then either consumed or sold. If sold, the price at which they’re sold is documented.

These items have different tracking goals. Inventory and Asset Stock is tracked using line items, while Assets need to have checkout tracking so you know which specific asset an employee has the custodianship of.

From a package limit perspective, each asset counts towards it. For Inventory and Asset Stock, each listing counts as one with no limit on the stock levels. As an example, having Chair as an Asset Stock with a 100 stock quantity will only count as one item towards the package limit.

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