Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory FAQS What Types Of Alert Do I Get On Each User Level I E Account Owner Admin Or A Staff User

What types of alert do I get on each user level i.e. Account Owner, Admin, or a staff user?

Type of alerts that can be sent to each user level can be either ‘an email sent for each subscribed event’ or ‘a daily digest that summarizes all the events for the day’. Staff users receive email alerts for actions they’ve subscribed to only when they’re involved in the action.

Following actions generate email alerts for the Account Owner/Admin, which include all the notifications we have on the system:


Package check-in

Extend checkout

Stock request


Package checkout

Request for check-in

Asset(s) Overdue

Request Reservations

Reservations starting today

Reservations alert in advance

Check-in approval by Admin

Email Print Labels

Check-in denied by administrator

Arbitrated request for check-in

Scanning label of an asset

Activation of an asset from retired state

Retiring of an asset

Deletion of an asset

Custom Field Alert

Audit requested

Audit Completed

Service ticket created

Service Started on an Asset

Service Extended for an Asset

Service Completed on an Asset

Service Started on a Package

Service Extended for a Package

Service Completion Due for an Asset

Service Completed on a Package

Comments on Services

Sale/Purchase Inventory

Low Stock Threshold Alert

Location Based Threshold Alert

Transfer Stock

Following actions generate email alerts for the Staff users:



Extend checkout

Request for check-in

Check-in approval by admin

Check-in denied by admin

Request reservation

Reservation on asset in my custody

Arbitrated request for check-in

Audit requested

Audit Completed


To learn more about what other types of alerts Account Owners, Admins and Staff Users receive, click here.

Under the email alerts, a staff user can also customize these alerts based on groups and locations (see image below). You can receive alerts specific to these groups and locations.

Note: Admins and staff users can filter what kind of alerts they want to receive from their accounts. They can also subscribe to our regular newsletters.

Customized Email Alerts: An admin can also customize the email templates for most of the alert types from Alerts –> Choose an alert type e.g. check-in –> Click Add New (see image below).

You can then customize the template for ‘Check-in Alerts. Insert placeholders containing dynamic data such as asset name, checked in by, custom attribute values, and more 

Note: Customization does not apply for mail digests. Learn More.