Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management


How SMBs Benefit From Asset Tracking Software

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SMBs need to know how to leverage their assets if they are to increase returns on investment, lower costs, and create an organizational context characterized by efficient workflows and productivity-focused execution. Asset management tools help achieve all of this and more. Features such as asset lifecycle tracking, inventory management, QR Code and barcode scanning, seamless integration with other supporting solutions and heightened flexibility contribute to these goals. SaaS-based management solutions further streamline the process for SMBs, enabling them to optimize asset management rather than nursing asset and productivity losses.

Table of Contents:

SMBs opting for Software-as-a-Service
Why do SMBs need Asset Management Software?
– Efficiency and the Asset Lifecycle
– Enhanced Control
– The Managerial Ecosystem


SMBs benefit from asset tracking in a number of ways. They need to be able to increase efficiency, enhance control, and ensure their asset management tools operate within a larger managerial infrastructure. This not only helps lower both overt and hidden costs but also improves returns on investment and helps SMBs focus on other areas of an enterprise such as growth or value delivery.
EZOfficeInventory offers a cloud-based solution to any SMB’s asset management problems. Not only does it diligently track, record, and analyze all features of an asset’s lifecycle, but it also enables a huge amount of customization, integration, and control. By bolstering security, improving accountability, and keeping track of vendors and employees alike, EZOfficeInventory can help your SMB reach new heights!

Choosing the best Asset Tracking Software

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