Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Zendesk Sunshine

Zendesk Sunshine Asset Management

The easy way to link service tickets to asset management for seamless issue resolution!
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Zendesk Sunshine Asset Management

Centralize Your Database

Pull up business and customer data residing in various applications and populate it in your Zendesk workspace.

Deploy Customized Apps

Create custom CRM applications for your business using the standard and open languages supported by the Sunshine platform.

Stay Ahead Of Your Customers

Discover and solve customer issues with custom CRM applications before your customers notice and report them to you.

Adapt To Emerging Technologies

Scale up the way you deliver to your customers with the serverless architecture of AWS and stay in line with emerging technologies.

End to End Asset Management

That fits into your workflows, not the other way around.
Asset Lifecycle Management

Stay on top of your Assets, from acquisition to disposal.

Check-Ins and Checkouts

Check items in and out effortlessly using iOS and Android apps.

Inventory Management

Manage stock levels, get custom alerts, and move inventory around efficiently.

Equipment Maintenance

Use preventive maintenance with service tickets, recurring services, and more.

Access Control

Control item visibility for groups, locations or departments.

Audit Trails

Audits are effortless with our mobile app scanning functionality.

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