Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs April 2023 Release Notes

EZOfficeInventory Feature Release Notes April 2023


The EZOfficeInventory team is excited to share quick action upgrades and customization enhancements that will make asset tracking easier for you. Speed up checkouts, add value to your dashboard KPIs, and run insightful depreciation reports for improved asset utilization. Read the full notes for more details:

Enhance efficiency with quick checkouts

Take faster actions by quickly checking out assets directly from your Dashboard. Simply search or scan for an asset, enter relevant details and checkout without moving between windows. Easy, fast and convenient. 

Create customized dashboards for roles

Select your most relevant, actionable KPIs while creating dashboards for different roles. Optimize performance by delegating custom KPIs for each user, especially helpful for companies set up with multiple user permissions. 

Depreciation report enhancements

The upgraded depreciation report offers more precision and accuracy. Generate more relevant depreciation reports by selecting from a variety of filters and customizing them to fit your requirements. 

Report Values as KPIs

Add functions from your reports to your Dashboard widgets – centralized, quick and easy access to critical information for informed decision making. 

That’s all for now! For more assistance on our asset management software, reach out to us at

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