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Under The Scanner: EZOfficeInventory Feature Release April 2018


EZOfficeInventory Feature Release – April 2018 Edition

EZOfficeInventory has been working hard for your success! This month, we made maintenance management a lot more efficient so you can focus on improving your uptimes. We also added additional functionality to Access Control, and rolled out a much-requested new format for dates!

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the latest EZOfficeInventory feature release!

date format

International Vs. American Date Format: The best data is the kind that’s the most relevant to your business. With this in mind, we’ve introduced a new date format following the Date-Month-Year convention, in addition to the Month-Date-Year convention we already offered. This means all our global customers can comply with whichever date format is used in their region. You can set this format up in Company Settings → Company Profile → Under ‘Misc.’. You can tweak both the ‘default input date format’ (with the choice of ‘mm/dd/yy’ or ‘dd/mm/yy’) as well as the ‘default display date format’ (with the choice of ‘April 1, 2018’, or ‘mm/dd/yy’, or ‘dd/mm/yy’). The format you choose to display will be shown throughout the app, as well as in reports, email alerts, printouts, listing pages, etc.

taxes in po

Tax Calculations for Purchase Orders: Filing taxes can be confusing. To cut back on this hassle in the future, it’s vital that you keep efficient records of all your purchases. EZOfficeInventory now enables tax calculations for Purchase Orders. Multiple custom tax rates can be applied by default to every purchase order. Go to Settings → Company Settings → Tax Details for Purchase Orders → Edit/Create New Tax → Click ‘Apply to every Purchase Order by default’. You can also change a PO tax rate from the Order Line Items section. Customizability is so important to us! This is why you can include custom entries in tax calculations from within the PO details page. You can select it under the Tax details in Company Settings. Learn more

service and maintenance

Service and Maintenance: We’ve made some improvements to the way we do maintenance management in EZOfficeInventory. You can now set recurring services for items in a subgroup. Click ‘Create recurring service only for subgroups’ when you first generate a recurring service. Multiple subgroups can be selected at a time. For this to work out, go to Settings → Add Ons → Enable ‘Recurring Services’ under ‘Advanced Service and Maintenance’. In addition, Account Owners and Admins can also enable ‘Service Edit and Deletion’ from Company Settings. Please note that you can only edit the service date and description of an ‘active’ service, whereas a ‘completed’ service can both be edited and deleted. However, if deleted, any linked inventory consumed in that service will be replenished. Additionally, when creating a service on an asset, you can now define who performed the service – that is, a vendor or member. Learn more

arbitration asset stock

Arbitration Flow for Asset Stock: The arbitration setting in EZOfficeInventory has been upgraded to include Asset Stock. With Arbitration enabled, Staff Users will now require approval from the Administrator to check Asset Stock in and out. For example, an effort to check-in Asset Stock will prompt Staff Users to select checked out items and request check-in. In addition to that, if Arbitration on Reservations is enabled under Company Settings → Policy, users can only request reservations for Asset Stock, all of which will have to be confirmed by an administrator. Learn more

spf settings

SPF Settings for Purchase and Work Orders: Businesses often need to set up and prioritize email alerts at different stages of their workflow. We had previously enabled our users to configure SPF settings to send and receive emails from their company domain. We now allow you to use different email addresses for sending out alerts on Purchase and Work Orders. These email addresses can be applied to both the ‘From’ and ‘Reply To’ addresses. Go to Settings → Add Ons → System Generated Emails → Click the Edit action. Here, you can define whether you want to use an admin email address, a custom email address, or the email address of a prompter (the user who triggered an action on a purchase or work order). Learn more

mandatory signatures

Make Signature Mandatory: Add an extra layer of security to asset tracking by recording signatures and making them mandatory for all users. To do this, go to Settings → Add Ons → Capture Signatures → Select ‘Enforced’ for your preferred actions. This will force users to sign for actions like check-in, checkout, transfer, and the addition or removal of stock. The signatures will be saved as an image in the Documents and Images library, with a link present in the stock history or check-in/checkout history overlay.

There’s more to EZOfficeInventory Feature Release this month

We’ve released a whole host of other tweaks and improvements to help you get things done a bit more quickly. Here are just a few of them:

bookmark report

Bookmark Report: With so many reports to choose from, we thought we’d give you a way to bookmark your favorite reports for added convenience. Do this by clicking the star icon on the report details page, and view all your bookmarked reports in one place.

embed image in wo

Embed Image in Work Orders: You can now embed images directly within the description box of a work order. These images can then be printed directly through the Work Order Printout.

last login at

View Last Login Details: Do you want to keep track of the last time User A logged into the system? You can now view the ‘Last Login At’ field on the details page of a member.

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