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Under The Scanner: EZOfficeInventory Feature Release January 2018


In this time of new resolutions, EZOfficeInventory is treating its users to yet another set of amazing features and enhancements. With a highly-awaited RFID integration, greater functionality for the mobile app, and more things for Staff Users to do, EZOfficeInventory is starting out the new year in great style.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the latest EZOfficeInventory feature releases!

rfid asset tracking

RFID Integration: Manually tracking assets in large warehouses can be a huge problem for businesses. Enter EZOfficeInventory! You can now use an external RFID reader (TSL 1128) to scan and take actions on items from your iOS app. This includes checking them in and out, verifying possession, making reservations, and so on. Of course, you need to add RFID tag IDs to the system first. To get things started, go to Settings → Add Ons → Handheld Scanner Integration → RFID Reader, and click Enabled. Note that this integration is currently only supported on iOS devices, with Android support to follow soon. Learn more

advanced dashboard view

Advanced Dashboard View: Your EZOfficeInventory Dashboard just got a whole lot more interesting! Admins can display a variety of Metric Cards on their Dashboard for a quick overview of all the goings-on at their company. As an example, you can look at graphs of how your asset value has changed over time, or see total service costs for a particular period. All this is fully customizable, allowing you to swap the cards around, choose metrics, and select the duration for which you’d like to view information. All this can be done in the Edit mode.

work orders updates

Work Order Enhancements: Work Orders help you keep business processes organized and nimble. EZOfficeInventory is offering added functionality to this module, allowing you to keep a keener eye on all on-going projects. For example, you can add custom fields to Work Orders to capture a wider breadth of organizational data. You can also create Work Order Printouts for your crew – on and off the field. Click ‘Print Work Order’ to bring up details such as Work Order status, due date, assignee, reviewer details and more. These templates can be edited and customized to include any information you’d like to see. Go to More → Printout Templates → Work Orders Tab → Start Designing New Template. Work Orders must first be enabled from ‘Add Ons’ for this feature to work. Learn More

work orders on mobile

Work Orders on Mobile: Business mobility is going mainstream! This is why a lot of businesses today need to track out-of-office or on-field activities. This is why we’ve pushed Work Order Management on mobile. Users can see a list of Work Orders and take actions on them, such as starting or ending them, toggling alerts, and sending reminders. In addition to that, reviewers and assignees can mark and unmark components added in a Work Order to easily keep track of tasks. Note that you can utilize Work Orders on the mobile app by enabling it from Settings → Add Ons → Work Orders.

purchase orders enhancements

Simplified Purchase Orders: Procurement management has gotten even more effective with EZOfficeInventory. Previously, you were able to create Purchase Orders for vendors and easily receive items against them. Now, Staff Users can request stock by creating a PO and having it approved by an Admin within the system. You can view all Purchase Order requests, and updates  from More > Purchase Orders or Notifications bell > Purchase Orders. We’ve also added PO alerts for Staff Users. Enable this from Settings → Add Ons → Purchase Orders. Learn more

There’s more to EZOfficeInventory Feature Release this month

staff alerts

Set Alerts for Staff Users: Admins can define alerts received by Staff Users, which the latter can override if they wish. Go to More → Alerts → Staff Alerts.

maintenance for staff users

Maintenance for Staff Users: Staff Users can schedule services and put items into maintenance. Enable this from Company Settings.

printout templates

Printout Updates: Have more options to edit Printouts – such as adding page numbers and headers, or defining display image sizes.

api enhancements

API Enhancements: We’ve expanded our API calls to add and retrieve data for Subgroups added in the system. Learn more


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